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Update tracker for all cities:

July 2022

  1. July 29 (CFR): Various photos taken during July.
  2. July 1 (CFR): Various pictures taken by me in 2022.

June 2022

  1. June 30 (CFR): Pictures received from various contributors during the month of June 2022.
  2. June 27 (CFR): Pictures received from various contributors during the month of May 2022.
  3. June 27 (Brasov): Various pics taken recently.
  4. June 26 (CFR): Pictures received from various contributors in March and April 2022.
  5. June 17 (Ploiesti): Various pics taken in June 2022.
  6. June 11 (CFR): Some pics taken today.

March 2022

  1. March 25 (CFR): Various photos taken the last year.
  2. March 20 (Iasi): Some photos from September 2021.
  3. March 11 (CFR): Various recent photos.

January 2022

  1. January 21 (CFR): Various photos, older or newer.
  2. January 14 (Cluj): Various photos from June 2021.
  3. January 7 (Bucharest): Various photos from the last months.
  4. January 7 (Brasov): Various electric vehicles.
  5. January 7 (Ploiesti): A bus in front of Ploiesti Vest railway station.
  6. January 7 (Alba Iulia): Photos taken in June 2021.
  7. January 7 (Sinaia): Some of the new Mercedes buses.
  8. January 6 (Suceava): The new ZTE buses.
  9. January 6 (Constanta): Various photos from August 2021.

December 2021

  1. December 26 (CFR): Pictures taken during the last month.
  2. December 10 (CFR): Pictures taken during the last four months.
  3. December 3 (Brasov): Some electric buses new in the site.

October 2021

  1. October 19 (Ploiesti): Photos taken yesterday.

September 2021

  1. September 1 (Brasov): Various new electric buses.

August 2021

  1. August 9 (CFR): Various pictures taken during the last two months.

June 2021

  1. June 2 (CFR): Mainly photos taken in Constanta and Palas.

May 2021

  1. May 31 (Constanta): The new Isuzu Citiport buses.
  2. May 30 (CFR): Various photos taken during May 2021.
  3. May 29 (Alba Iulia): Pictures taken nearly 9 years ago.
  4. May 28 (Bucharest): Various pics from 2021.
  5. May 28 (Brasov): Various photos taken this year.
  6. May 28 (Bacau): Various photos from winter 2020/2021.
  7. May 28 (Fetesti): Some pics made during the vaccine trip.
  8. May 28 (Slobozia): Three pics from February 2020.
  9. May 10 (CFR): Various photos taken recently.

April 2021

  1. April 7 (CFR): Various recent photos.

March 2021

  1. March 29 (CFR): Photos taken mainly in Fetesti, when going for COVID-19 vaccination.
  2. March 28 (CFR): Various pictures from the last two months.

January 2021

  1. January 29 (CFR): Various photos from the last two months.

December 2020

  1. December 22 (Bucharest): Various photos at Basarab.

November 2020

  1. November 20 (CFR): Locomotives picrtured during the last month in Bucharest and Brasov.
  2. November 13 (Bucharest): Buses at Basarab during the last weeks.
  3. November 13 (Brasov): Another SOR bus.
  4. November 13 (Ploiesti): Two trams in the summer of 2019.
  5. November 13 (Sacele): Buses pictured during autumn 2020.
  6. November 13 (Ramnicu Valcea): A Karsan bus in 2017.
  7. November 13 (Sinaia): Various photos, including part of the new Mercedes buses.
  8. November 4 (CFR): Various photos from the last two years.

October 2020

  1. October 27 (Bucharest): Some other Mercedes Hybrid buses.
  2. October 27 (Brasov): A new SOR bus.
  3. October 19 (Brasov): Various recent photos.

September 2020

  1. September 7 (Brasov): Looking for the last of the 26 Solaris trolleybuses.

August 2020

  1. August 6 (Bucharest): Looking for the new Mercedes Hybrid buses.
  2. August 4 (Bacau): Some new Iveco buses.
  3. August 3 (Brasov): Looking for Solaris trolleybuses on line 6 (there was only one).

July 2020

  1. July 24 (Bucharest): Various pics from the last month.
  2. July 15 (Brasov): Some pics from today.

June 2020

  1. June 29 (Brasov): Pictures taken at Livada Postei and near the railway station.
  2. June 17 (Bucharest): Various photos taken during the last year.
  3. June 10 (Brasov): Looking for the new Solaris trolleybuses and SOR buses.
  4. June 5 (Iasi): Some buses pictured in 2019.
  5. June 5 (Bacau): Various buses.

November 2019

  1. November 18 (Bucharest): Photos taken in August by Valentin Balan.
  2. November 14 (Bacau): Various recent photos.
  3. November 14 (Piatra Neamt): Various buses and trolleybuses.
  4. November 14 (Suceava): Various photos from autumn 2018.

September 2019

  1. September 8 (Brasov): Buses pictured during June.
  2. September 8 (Ploiesti): Various pictures from June 2019.
  3. September 8 (Sacele): Some pictures from June 2019.

August 2019

  1. August 30 (Brasov): Looking for the articulated BredaMenarini buses.

July 2019

  1. July 29 (Brasov): Some pictures from today.

April 2019

  1. April 5 (Brasov): The new BredaMenarini buses.
  2. April 2 (Bucharest): Today at Piata Presei.

March 2019

  1. March 28 (Bucharest): Some vehicles at Piata Presei.

January 2019

  1. January 6 (Bucharest): The new Otokar buses.

September 2018

  1. September 6 (Pitesti): A few buses pictured in September 2012.
  2. September 6 (Sibiu): Two buses pictured in August 2013.
  3. September 4 (Brasov): Pictures taken on September 3rd and 4th.
  4. September 4 (Sacele): New inventory numbers for the Sacele buses.

August 2018

  1. August 29 (Bacau): Various pics from 2017 and 2018.
  2. August 28 (CFR): Various pictures taken during the last year.
  3. August 18 (Iasi): Various busese pictured between 2013 and 2017.
  4. August 18 (Brasov): Various buses and trolleybuses.

July 2018

  1. July 6 (Brasov): The new BMC buses
  2. July 6 (Ploiesti): Various buses.

January 2018

  1. January 12 (Cluj): Some vehicles from last summer.

October 2017

  1. October 8 (Constanta): Buses pictured during various daytrips to the seaside.

September 2017

  1. September 22 (Bucharest): Various buses and trams pictured during the last 3 years.

August 2017

  1. August 27 (CFR): Various locomotives pictured during the last year.
  2. August 27 (Ploiesti): A BMC bus in summer 2014.

July 2017

  1. July 25 (Oradea): Some more buses.
  2. July 24 (Brasov): A few buses and trolleybuses new in the site.
  3. July 24 (Oradea): Some trams.
  4. July 10 (Piatra Neamt): Various buses pictured in May 2017.
  5. July 10 (Sacele): Various Sacele buses, from 2013 until now.

May 2017

  1. May 3 (Buzau): A Volvo bus.

February 2017

  1. February 1 (Brasov): Two of the new Mercedes buses.

December 2016

  1. December 27 (Bacau): Various photos with Bacau buses.

August 2016

  1. August 8 (CFR): Hora and Pasarea Maiastra engines from CFR Calatori plus various photos from two new contributors.

July 2016

  1. July 15 (CFR): Photos taken today in Constanta.
  2. July 9 (CFR): Various photos from the last two years.

May 2016

  1. May 2 (Brasov): Some buses at Livada Postei and Pietrele lui Solomon.

July 2014

  1. July 19 (CFR): Various locomotives in Bucharest at the expo for the 75 years of the CFR Museum.

April 2014

  1. April 25 (Cluj): A Rocar de Simon bus.

March 2014

  1. March 1 (Bacau): The new Isuzu buses.

February 2014

  1. February 28 (Bucharest): A few Mercedes buses.
  2. February 10 (Bucharest): Various photos taken during the last four years.
  3. February 8 (CFR): Some photos from the end of 2013.
  4. February 8 (Targu Mures): Several buses new in the site.

January 2014

  1. January 19 (Galati): Various photos from the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

December 2013

  1. December 30 (Galati): The Santa's Bus.
  2. December 30 (Ploiesti): Two buses pictured when we went to the Childrens' Trolleybus and Tram event.

November 2013

  1. November 15 (Targu Jiu): A good part of the Transloc inventory, pictured by Catalin Ghita in autumn 2013.

October 2013

  1. October 28 (CFR): Two steam locomotives as static exhibits plus other news.
  2. October 28 (Ploiesti): Three vehicles at the Western Station.

September 2013

  1. September 18 (Constanta): Various buses pictured during several seaside trips.
  2. September 18 (Slobozia): Some second-hand busses from the Netherlands.

July 2013

  1. July 28 (CFR): Various pictures taken during the last 8 months.
  2. July 28 (Brasov): Two buses in Noua.

May 2013

  1. May 5 (Ploiesti): The Childrens' Tram in Ploiesti, December 27th, 2012.

November 2012

  1. November 21 (CFR): Various pictures from this summer.
  2. November 11 (Galati): Two trams new in the site.

September 2012

  1. September 23 (Ploiesti): Looking for Neoplan trolleybuses in Ploiesti.
  2. September 13 (Sibiu): Some buses at the Natural History Museum.

August 2012

  1. August 30 (Pitesti): Several buses next to Southern Rail Station.

June 2012

  1. June 13 (CFR): Various locomotives new in the site.

May 2012

  1. May 2 (CFR): A lot made of Diesel locomotives and EMU/DMUs.
  2. May 1 (CFR): A lot made of electric locomotives only.

April 2012

  1. April 6 (Brasov): The new BMC buses of RAT Brasov.
  2. April 6 (Sacele): Buses at work on March 21st.

February 2012

  1. February 29 (CFR): Various locomotives in winter conditions.

January 2012

  1. January 2 (CFR): Pictures received at the end of 2011.

October 2011

  1. October 25 (Galati): Pictures taken two weeks ago.
  2. October 11 (CFR): Locomotives on show at Bucuresti Nord.
  3. October 2 (CFR): Mainly photos taken during September 2011.

August 2011

  1. August 26 (Targoviste): AITT vehicles in the depot and on the streets.
  2. August 25 (CFR): Some photos taken during the last month.
  3. August 15 (CFR): The steam locomotive 230.516 working.
  4. August 5 (Bacau): Three buses.
  5. August 2 (CFR): The new diesel locomotive of CTV

July 2011

  1. July 25 (CFR): A larger lot made from several people.
  2. July 15 (Cluj): A large part of the working bus and trolleybus fleet of RATUC.

June 2011

  1. June 12 (CFR): Some locomotives new in the site.

May 2011

  1. May 18 (CFR): Some old locomotives in new liveries.
  2. May 11 (CFR): Nothing special in this lot.
  3. May 11 (Galati): Some more DAF buses.
  4. May 2 (CFR): Mostly photos from April 2011.

April 2011

  1. April 25 (CFR): Locos pictured with the occasion of a mountain trip full of snow.
  2. April 25 (Brasov): At Roman terminus, looking for Renault/Berliet trolleybuses.
  3. April 25 (Bacau): The new Irisbus buses sporting the local football club colors.
  4. April 25 (Galati): Some fresh photos.
  5. April 25 (Ploiesti): Some Neoplan trolleybuses.
  6. April 25 (Cluj): New Irisbus trolleybuses.
  7. April 25 (Sacele): Some buses new in the site.
  8. April 7 (Targu Mures): A new Mercedes bus.
  9. April 7 (Cluj): Photos from last year with some articulated buses.
  10. April 3 (CFR): Various fresh photos.

March 2011

  1. March 24 (CFR): Pictures submitted during the last month by various contributors.

February 2011

  1. February 21 (Iasi): The first GT8 tram in Iasi.
  2. February 17 (CFR): New Class 47 locomotives at CFR Marfa.
  3. February 12 (Brasov): The new Berliet/Renault trolleybuses of RAT Brasov.

January 2011

  1. January 18 (CFR): A few locos new in the site.
  2. January 13 (Galati): The new DAF buses.

December 2010

  1. December 28 (CFR): Last update for 2010 and Happy New Year for 2011!
  2. December 28 (Bacau): Pictures taken during second half of 2010.

November 2010

  1. November 12 (CFR): A new Class 46 locomotive for Servtrans.
  2. November 4 (CFR): A new Class 47 locomotive at CFR Calatori.

October 2010

  1. October 18 (Timisoara): Two trams withdrawn from circulation.
  2. October 18 (Arad): Two photos taken in August.
  3. October 18 (Braila): A Braila minibus pictured in Bacau.
  4. October 17 (CFR): Several novelties, including locomotives from Zilele Feroviare 2010.
  5. October 13 (Iasi): Lots of photos, most taken in September.

September 2010

  1. September 19 (Brasov): Pictures taken some days ago.
  2. September 9 (Piatra Neamt): Pictures taken in August.
  3. September 6 (Braila): Pictures taken during Spring 2010.
  4. September 1 (CFR): A lot with several novelties - some new people and nearly 50 locomotives either new in the site or re-registered.

August 2010

  1. August 24 (Bacau): Various pictures taken this summer.
  2. August 22 (Oradea): Various buses and trams.
  3. August 19 (Targu Mures): Pictures taken last month, including one of Siletina's coaches in regular service on line 5.
  4. August 19 (Ramnicu Valcea): Pictures taken between August 11th and 13th.

July 2010

  1. July 25 (CFR): Several new locomotives in various classes.
  2. July 9 (Brasov): Pictures taken between July 5th and 8th.
  3. July 9 (Sacele): Volvo buses ex-Lucerne re-registered.

June 2010

  1. June 23 (Cluj): It's amazing to see lots of DAC/Rocar trolleybuses still in service in Cluj.
  2. June 21 (CFR): New Class 84 locomotives at CFR Marfa.
  3. June 12 (CFR): A lot assembled from photos sent by 24 people. My many thanks to everyone which submitted photos for the site, whether they sent only one or several hundreds.
  4. June 10 (Buzau): Pictures taken two days ago.
  5. June 10 (Piatra Neamt): Pictures taken during late May.
  6. June 10 (Focsani): Pictures taken two days ago.

May 2010

  1. May 26 (Focsani): Pictures taken two days ago.
  2. May 20 (Galati): Various photos taken on May 17th.
  3. May 19 (CFR): Mainly broad gauge locomotives at Galati.
  4. May 11 (CFR): A new Regiotrans locomotive wrongly registered.
  5. May 1 (Bucharest): Flagged vehicles due to May 1st.

April 2010

  1. April 28 (CFR): A new Phoenix locomotive at CFR Calatori and lots of other novelties.
  2. April 26 (Bucharest): Various pictures taken during the last months.
  3. April 18 (CFR): Twenty locomotives on a storage track in Brazi plus three more in the station.
  4. April 10 (CFR): New Class 47 locomotives at CFR Marfa.
  5. April 8 (Iasi): Various pictures from February and March.
  6. April 1 (CFR): Again a lot assembled from several people.
  7. April 1 (Bacau): New Irisbus buses for Transport Public Bacau.

March 2010

  1. March 24 (CFR): The spring has came and the site will honor it with some fresh pics.
  2. March 5 (Vaslui): A Vaslui bus pictured in Bacau.

February 2010

  1. February 15 (Iasi): Several new running numbers.
  2. February 12 (CFR): Locomotives and snow at Bucharest and Constanta.
  3. February 7 (CFR): Several locomotives new in the site.

January 2010

  1. January 31 (CFR): Pictures from Predeal and Costanta.
  2. January 28 (Braila): Three photos from January.
  3. January 27 (CFR): Mainly pictures taken during this month.
  4. January 17 (CFR): Various photos received during this month.
  5. January 4 (CFR): Two new Class 47 locomotives for CFR Calatori.
  6. January 4 (Iasi): Pictures taken between July 2009 and now.
  7. January 3 (Braila): Picutres taken mid-December.
  8. January 2 (CFR): Several locomotives new in the site.

December 2009

  1. December 29 (CFR): The final lot for 2009 with several novelties, including 3 ex-DB 232 "Ludmilla" locomotives. I wish a Happy New Year! for 2010 to all site viewers.
  2. December 23 (Bacau): Buses used for various electoral meetings.
  3. December 9 (CFR): As there was no Class 65 locomotive with a wrong check digit, they managed to solve the problem by generating it from a correct one :-)
  4. December 9 (Braila): Pictures taken between April and October 2009.
  5. December 9 (Cluj): Buses from RATP Paris, used on Roissybus service.

November 2009

  1. November 30 (CFR): Some locomotives new in the site.
  2. November 28 (Pitesti): Most of the Pitesti city bus fleet.
  3. November 19 (Targoviste): Pictures taken yesterday.
  4. November 15 (Targu Mures): A few buses new in the site.
  5. November 8 (Braila): Other photos from the last summer.
  6. November 5 (Voluntari): The last bus which was missing from the site.
  7. November 3 (CFR): A special DMU used for track and overhead wire diagnosis.
  8. November 2 (Iasi): Photos from the last summer.
  9. November 2 (Galati): Photos taken at the end of September.
  10. November 2 (Braila): Various photos from the last summer.
  11. November 2 (Voluntari): Another one of the buses which were missing from the site.

October 2009

  1. October 25 (Vaslui): Three DAC buses.
  2. October 24 (CFR): Another photo of 40-2003-2, the new star of CFR Calatori with the control digit wrong :-)
  3. October 24 (Bacau): New advertising liveries on the Bacau buses.
  4. October 24 (Barlad): Pictures from January and October 2009.
  5. October 20 (Focsani): Some recent photos.
  6. October 18 (Tulcea): A sizeable part of the buses running in Tulcea.
  7. October 7 (CFR): Pictures from Zilele Feroviare 2009 and other novelties.
  8. October 1 (Cluj): Some photos from the past month.

September 2009

  1. September 28 (Voluntari): Another one of the missing buses.
  2. September 28 (Vaslui): Three buses.
  3. September 28 (Focsani): Fresh photos from some days ago.
  4. September 28 (Barlad): Various photos from the last two years.
  5. September 28 (Roman): Another ex-Piatra Neamt, ex-Milano bus.
  6. September 27 (Piatra Neamt): Some pictures from Mariooo.
  7. September 22 (Bucharest): At Banu Manta.
  8. September 18 (Timisoara): Five pictures taken some days ago.
  9. September 18 (Galati): Fresh pictures from yesterday - Terry is back in business :-)
  10. September 18 (Cluj): The last Irisbus trolleybus which was missing from the site.
  11. September 15 (Bucharest): Various pictures taken during the last three months.
  12. September 15 (CFR): Also the second Siemens locomotive for Cargo Trans Vagon.
  13. September 15 (Ploiesti): An Ikarus bus new in the site.
  14. September 15 (Slobozia): A bus operated by Transport Privat Slobozia.
  15. September 11 (Timisoara): Various photos from 2006 until today.
  16. September 6 (CFR): A lot made of pictures from several people.
  17. September 4 (Voluntari): Two buses new in the site.

August 2009

  1. August 28 (Timisoara): Some trams in the depot.
  2. August 28 (Targu Mures): Some buses.
  3. August 28 (Miercurea Ciuc): A VanHool bus.
  4. August 27 (Piatra Neamt): An ex-Milano bus.
  5. August 23 (CFR): Several novelties, the most important one being the first Siemens locomotive for Cargo Trans Vagon, as well as some narrow-gauge units at CFF Viseu.
  6. August 22 (Sibiu): Pictures taken at the beginning of this week.
  7. August 21 (Alba Iulia): Most of the Alba Iulia buses - phots taken on August 19th.
  8. August 16 (Voluntari): Two more buses.
  9. August 7 (CFR): A new numbering style at Regiotrans as well as other novelties.
  10. August 7 (Buzau): Some BMC buses which were missing from the site.
  11. August 7 (Campina): Two buses and two vans belonging to Eliro.
  12. August 7 (Sinaia): A BMC bus.
  13. August 4 (Craiova): Various city buses.
  14. August 3 (Suceava): Two out of the three new buses bought by TPL.

July 2009

  1. July 29 (CFR): Three new contributors and several new locomotives.
  2. July 21 (Piatra Neamt): Several novelties - two vans and a new yellow livery for a trolleybus.
  3. July 20 (Voluntari): Four more buses.
  4. July 13 (Voluntari): Buses at Republica terminal.
  5. July 12 (CFR): A new numbering scheme at Unifertrans.
  6. July 11 (Bacau): Various photos from March until now.
  7. July 11 (Piatra Neamt): Fresh photos from today.
  8. July 11 (Roman): An Iveco bus, ex-Piatra Neamt, ex-Milano.
  9. July 3 (Iasi): The new Van Hool buses working lines 13 and 46.
  10. July 3 (Targu Mures): Pictures taken 3 days ago.
  11. July 3 (Cluj): A lonely bus.
  12. July 3 (Piatra Neamt): Two vehicles.
  13. July 2 (CFR): Recent pictures with Resita steam locos.
  14. July 2 (Craiova): Some trams pictured three months ago.

June 2009

  1. June 24 (Bucharest): Fresh pictures from Catalin Ghita.
  2. June 19 (Targoviste): Pictures taken two days ago.
  3. June 17 (Bucharest): Mercedes buses from Catalin Ghita.
  4. June 17 (CFR): Few photos but lots of novelties.
  5. June 17 (Braila): Photos taken during the first 5 months of 2009.
  6. June 11 (CFR): Various novelties.
  7. June 11 (Oradea): Pictures taken at the beginning of this month.
  8. June 10 (Galati): Four photos, four novelties: Two new MAZ vehicles (bus + trolleybus), a Duewag/Holec on line 36 and a tram on line 46.
  9. June 10 (Targu Mures): Renault buses.
  10. June 7 (CFR): Romanian locomotives in Bulgaria.
  11. June 5 (CFR): Pictures from several people.

May 2009

  1. May 27 (Timisoara): Some photos from a month ago.
  2. May 27 (Arad): Some photos from a month ago.
  3. May 16 (CFR): Several locomotives new in site.
  4. May 14 (Iasi): Photos from Valentin Balan and Radu Czech.
  5. May 13 (Targu Mures): A new ex-Nancy Renault bus.
  6. May 13 (Piatra Neamt): Higer buses.
  7. May 13 (Botosani): Photos with poor trams taken last winter.
  8. May 12 (Bucharest): Various photos from the first half of May.
  9. May 11 (CFR): The former 40-2001 locomotive now registered as Class 47.
  10. May 1 (CFR): A new Rolling Stock locomotive.

April 2009

  1. April 30 (Bucharest): At Piata Presei and Lujerului.
  2. April 28 (Bucharest): At Eroii Revolutiei and Teatrul Masca.
  3. April 22 (CFR): Some electric Class 40 locomotives new in the site.
  4. April 18 (Bucharest): Again at Teatrul Masca.
  5. April 17 (Suceava): Various photos from Andrei Birsan.
  6. April 15 (Bucharest): Coaches and DAF buses by Catalin Ghita.
  7. April 15 (Buzau): Four BMC buses.
  8. April 11 (Galati): Some phots from Terry Lawson.
  9. April 11 (Bacau): Another view of the ex-Zollikon bus.
  10. April 11 (Braila): A few buses.
  11. April 11 (Targu Mures): Two ex-Lens buses.
  12. April 11 (Cluj): New vehicles - KT4D trams, MJT buses.
  13. April 10 (CFR): A new livery for Class 60 of CFR Marfa.
  14. April 10 (Brasov): Photos taken during the first days of April.
  15. April 10 (Sacele): Pictures taken on April 7th.
  16. April 8 (CFR): At Brasov.
  17. April 5 (Bucharest): At Teatrul Masca and Lujerului.
  18. April 2 (CFR): Some locomotives new in the site.

March 2009

  1. March 30 (CFR): At Bucuresti Nord.
  2. March 28 (CFR): Several locomotives new in site from a new contributer, Alex Chirila.
  3. March 23 (CFR): The second Softronic locomotive with new-style body, today in Bucharest North.
  4. March 15 (CFR): Dirty CFR Marfa engines at Predeal where I went for a mountain trip.
  5. March 13 (CFR): A new livery for CFR Marfa 060 DA engines.
  6. March 2 (CFR): A new Class 47 locomotive at CFR Calatori.

February 2009

  1. February 26 (Bacau): Bus pictures from the first two months of 2009.
  2. February 26 (Braila): The ex-Vienna vintage tram.
  3. February 9 (Iasi): Vehicles with new adverts.
  4. February 9 (Galati): MAZ trolleybuses.
  5. February 9 (Braila): A new SGP tram.
  6. February 7 (Bucharest): Buses at Teatrul Masca.
  7. February 7 (CFR): At Brazi.
  8. February 5 (CFR): A new Class 47 locomotive.
  9. February 2 (Iasi): Various photos from the last 3 months of 2008.

January 2009

  1. January 29 (CFR): The last lot for January 2009.
  2. January 29 (Ploiesti): Some recent photos.
  3. January 17 (Galati): Some of the new MAZ trolleybuses.
  4. January 6 (CFR): Pictures taken at Predeal where I went for a very nice mountain trip.
  5. January 2 (CFR): The first lot for 2009 - Happy New Year!
  6. January 2 (Bacau): A MAN bus.

December 2008

  1. December 26 (Bacau): Buses pictured by Valentin Balan.
  2. December 22 (Iasi): Vehicles in their depots.
  3. December 21 (Braila): Two more ex-Vienna trams.
  4. December 20 (CFR): Photos from various people.
  5. December 17 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses from Catalin Ghita.
  6. December 16 (Bucharest): Trams at Dristor.
  7. December 14 (CFR): A new Class 47 locomotive.
  8. December 12 (Voluntari): A bus on bd. Uverturii in Bucharest.
  9. December 6 (CFR): A new Class 82 loco.
  10. December 1 (Bucharest): Vehicles with flags for the National Day.
  11. December 1 (Galati): Buses in the Transurb yard.
  12. December 1 (Cluj): Some pictures from the past month.

November 2008

  1. November 27 (CFR): A new livery for Class 78 DMUs and the first loco of the Rolling Stock company.
  2. November 25 (Bucharest): Mercedes buses on line 282.
  3. November 25 (Buzau): BMC buses from the new lot.
  4. November 12 (Bucharest): Various vehicles pictured by Marian Andrei.
  5. November 12 (CFR): Some locomotives new in the site.
  6. November 12 (Brasov): Three photos from Ede Pattantyus.
  7. November 12 (Timisoara): Three RATT special vehicles.

October 2008

  1. October 30 (Bucharest): Two Citaro 2 buses.
  2. October 28 (CFR): Steam engines at Arad and Predeal.
  3. October 27 (Galati): MAZ buses in the Transurb yard.
  4. October 27 (Braila): The new SGP trams in Braila.
  5. October 23 (CFR): Pictures taken during mid-October.
  6. October 16 (CFR): Some locomotives new in the site.
  7. October 16 (Galati): Mainly trams in the Transurb depot.
  8. October 16 (Targu Mures): Some buses new in the site.
  9. October 16 (Piatra Neamt): Some pictures from Mariooo.
  10. October 15 (Brasov): Pictures taken on October 13th and 14th.
  11. October 15 (Sacele): Pictures taken on October 14th.
  12. October 10 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses new in the site plus vehicles on Vacaresti road.
  13. October 10 (Braila): Four trams and a bus.
  14. October 9 (CFR): Vehicles at Zilele Feroviare 2008 Expo.
  15. October 2 (CFR): A new Class 77 DMU.

September 2008

  1. September 28 (Brasov): Two more ex-Biel/Bienne trolleybuses.
  2. September 28 (Focsani): A BMC bus, the first for Focsani.
  3. September 26 (CFR): A new Class 82 locomotive.
  4. September 25 (Bacau): Irisbus buses with new registration plates.
  5. September 25 (Galati): Other pictures with the new MAZ buses.
  6. September 23 (Bucharest): At Piata Presei.
  7. September 22 (Ploiesti): The Neoplan trolleybus and nearly 200 other vehicles.
  8. September 20 (Bucharest): For the first time a Citaro bus with ads.
  9. September 20 (CFR): Pictures taken during the first half of September.
  10. September 19 (Brasov): A trolleybus new in the site.
  11. September 16 (Bucharest): Trams and trolleybuses at Buzesti.
  12. September 16 (Galati): The new MAZ buses during the first two days of revenue service.
  13. September 15 (Iasi): Various vehicles pictured by Valentin Balan.
  14. September 13 (Timisoara): The new Skoda trolleybuses.
  15. September 13 (Bacau): The new ex-Hague Mercedes buses, now covered with colorful adverts.
  16. September 13 (Targu Mures): A few buses.
  17. September 13 (Vaslui): Pictures taken today during rainy weather.
  18. September 12 (Bucharest): V3A trams at Sfanta Vineri.
  19. September 12 (CFR): Several locomotives and DMUs new in the site, new posters too, repainted steam engines in Resita...
  20. September 5 (Brasov): Some MAN buses.
  21. September 4 (Bucharest): At Titan Park.
  22. September 3 (CFR): Mainly locomotives in Transsylvania.
  23. September 1 (CFR): Several interesting locomotives, including a lot of 6 never-seen-before Diesel engines in Galati.

August 2008

  1. August 28 (CFR): A lot with few locomotives but with five new people.
  2. August 25 (Targu Mures): Four MAZ buses.
  3. August 24 (Bucharest): Buses on line 641.
  4. August 24 (Buzau): Buses in their yard at Buzau.
  5. August 23 (CFR): A not remarkable at all.
  6. August 20 (Fagaras): The first bus for the Fagaras site.
  7. August 18 (CFR): A new renumbering of the Regiotrans DMUs, now classes 57/97.
  8. August 15 (Sibiu): A better picture for one of the Rasinari trams.
  9. August 15 (Medias): Two trolleybuses.
  10. August 11 (Bucharest): Trams on the newly established line 54.
  11. August 11 (Voluntari): Two buses at CFR Centura Afumati bridge.
  12. August 10 (Targu Mures): A Volvo bus new in the site.
  13. August 9 (CFR): The first locomotive owned by Trans Expedition Feroviar.
  14. August 2 (CFR): Pictures from Constanta and Palas.
  15. August 2 (Constanta): Various RATC vehicles pictured on July 31st, 2008.
  16. August 1 (CFR): Several new locomotives in a lot assembled from eight different people.

July 2008

  1. July 31 (Fetesti): Various buses, including two ex-Bucharest Ikarus.
  2. July 28 (CFR): A new Class 46 locomotive by Cargo Trans Vagon.
  3. July 25 (Bucharest): Vehicles new in the site pictured by Catalin Ghita.
  4. July 25 (Bacau): An ex-Hague bus.
  5. July 25 (Cluj): Several buses new in the site from Tamas Heller.
  6. July 25 (Resita): An Ikarus bus.
  7. July 23 (CFR): Pictures from Enache Cerbu and Gabriel Axinia.
  8. July 23 (Iasi): A Be8/8 tram on Line 3.
  9. July 23 (Galati): Buses in the Transurb depot.
  10. July 23 (Ploiesti): A service vehicle.
  11. July 23 (Suceava): Pictures taken by Andrei Birsan during April and May 2008.
  12. July 22 (Bucharest): Some Mercedes buses new in the site.
  13. July 20 (CFR): Several locomotives new in the site.
  14. July 19 (Bucharest): Buses on short-lived lines 673, 674 and 676.
  15. July 18 (CFR): Locomotives in Iasi and Campia Turzii.
  16. July 18 (Vaslui): Pictures taken yesterday and the day before.
  17. July 17 (CFR): Locomotives in the eastern part of Bucharest.
  18. July 16 (CFR): Again a new Class 47 locomotive.
  19. July 15 (CFR): Pictures from Bucharest.
  20. July 15 (Bacau): Several buses from the newly arrived lot plus older DAC buses on Special Runs.
  21. July 13 (CFR): A few locos new in the site.
  22. July 12 (Galati): Mostly trams near the Sf. Andrei hospital.
  23. July 12 (Braila): Three trams.
  24. July 9 (CFR): A new Series 47 locomotive from CFR Calatori.
  25. July 7 (Bucharest): Trams at Sfanta Vineri.
  26. July 3 (Bucharest): Mainly trams on line 41.
  27. July 3 (Buzau): Some of the new BMC buses.

June 2008

  1. June 28 (CFR): Photos received during this month from various people.
  2. June 27 (CFR): Locomotives in stations on the southern part of Bucharest Ring.
  3. June 23 (Bacau): Buses pictured today.
  4. June 14 (Iasi): Pictures taken by Radu Czech during the last five months.
  5. June 13 (CFR): Locomotives from the Ploiesti area.
  6. June 11 (Bucharest): Pictures at Gara de Nord and Drumul Taberei.
  7. June 7 (Bucharest): Buses on shuttle lines 619 and 625.
  8. June 7 (CFR): A few locomotives new in the site.
  9. June 7 (Iasi): Buses and some trams from Valentin Balan.
  10. June 2 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses on line 323.

May 2008

  1. May 31 (Brasov): Photos taken during the last two days of May.
  2. May 31 (Sacele): Buses pictured on May 30th.
  3. May 27 (Brasov): Four new Volvo trolleybuses.
  4. May 26 (Bucharest): Some Mercedes buses.
  5. May 23 (Bucharest): Buses and trolleybuses at Pasaj Grand and the highest-numbered shuttle line, 690.
  6. May 22 (CFR): An old Softrans locomotive newly re-registered and a steam engine at Sighetu Marmatiei, before and after some cleaning.
  7. May 19 (Iasi): Various vehicles when Iasi celebrates 110 years of trams.
  8. May 14 (Galati): More renumbered vehicles.
  9. May 14 (Targu Mures): Some pictures from Florin Popa.
  10. May 10 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro on line 116.
  11. May 7 (Galati): Buses on the streets and freshly-renumbered trams in the depot.
  12. May 7 (Resita): Another 8 pics from Enache Cerbu.
  13. May 7 (Targu Mures): Several vehicles new in the site.
  14. May 7 (Turnu Magurele): Two buses pictured during late March 2008.
  15. May 7 (Urziceni): Two buses belonging to Terma SA (the local transport operator) pictured during the 2007 Summer.

April 2008

  1. April 30 (Bucharest): Rocar DeSimon buses on lines 106 and 406.
  2. April 28 (CFR): A new Class 47 locomotive of CFR Calatori.
  3. April 28 (Ramnicu Sarat): The new BMC buses.
  4. April 23 (CFR): The first LDE150 loco in the site as well as steam traction on Brasov-Zarnesti.
  5. April 23 (Resita): Three trams pictured yesterday.
  6. April 22 (Galati): Totally crazy: Trams with new plates but running numbers either old, either new, either missing!
  7. April 18 (Bucharest): Buses next to the Municipal Hospital.
  8. April 14 (Bacau): Some buses from Valentin Balan.
  9. April 14 (Targu Mures): Buses pictured three weeks ago.
  10. April 13 (Vaslui): Some pictures from Mariooo.
  11. April 11 (Bucharest): Trolleybuses at Universitate.
  12. April 11 (CFR): The first 'French' GFR loco.
  13. April 11 (Oradea): The Tatra trams 30+130 freshly painted.
  14. April 11 (Pitesti): The new BMC buses.
  15. April 11 (Craiova): The new Tatra trams.
  16. April 10 (Bucharest): Some trams new for the site.
  17. April 9 (Brasov): Some photos from 2006 until now.
  18. April 8 (Bucharest): A few Mercedes buses.
  19. April 5 (CFR): A lot with pictures from 10 photographers.
  20. April 5 (Galati): The new, experimental line 102 Bariera.
  21. April 5 (Braila): Some trams pictured on March 15th.

March 2008

  1. March 27 (Bucharest): A brand new Bucur tram.
  2. March 24 (Bacau): Buses in the yard of SC Transport Public.
  3. March 23 (CFR): Locomotives in Bucharest.
  4. March 20 (Brasov): The new line 52.
  5. March 20 (Oradea): Pictures taken ten days ago.
  6. March 18 (Bucharest): Mercedes buses from both lots, most of all new for the site.
  7. March 18 (Bacau): Another 4 DAC buses new in site.
  8. March 16 (Bucharest): A Rocar DeSimon bus for the last day and various Mercedes buses for the first day on line 178.
  9. March 16 (CFR): Several new locomotives.
  10. March 15 (Targu Mures): Buses pictured yesterday.
  11. March 12 (Bucharest): Some Mercedes buses.
  12. March 11 (Bucharest): Again buses on Uverturii Bd.
  13. March 11 (Galati): Photos from the bus and Tatra depots. Thanks Terry!
  14. March 9 (CFR): A new style for numbering for RegioTrans DMUs - class 97.
  15. March 8 (Oradea): Pictures taken during the first days of March.
  16. March 4 (Galati): A new lot of fresh photos.
  17. March 2 (CFR): Several new locomotives, mostly from Cristian Prata.
  18. March 2 (Bacau): Several new DAC buses.
  19. March 2 (Suceava): Pictures taken on February 24th and 25th.
  20. March 2 (Oradea): Pictures taken between February 27th to 29th.

February 2008

  1. February 29 (Bucharest): Buses on Uverturii boulevard.
  2. February 28 (Galati): Fresh photos, taken today and yesterday.
  3. February 27 (Iasi): Trams are changing - some GT4 and ST10/11 just arrived as well as Tatra trams during their final days.
  4. February 27 (Oradea): Some Oradea trams, with their greatest selection of liveries.
  5. February 26 (CFR): Various pictures taken this month.
  6. February 25 (Brasov): Some pictures taken today.
  7. February 22 (Iasi): Buses on lines 43, 43b and 44 photographed today plus three ex-Stuttgart trams during their unloading.
  8. February 21 (Galati): Several buses new in the site.
  9. February 18 (Satu Mare): Pictures taken 3 days ago.
  10. February 18 (Baia Mare): Lots of photos from Celestin Draganescu.
  11. February 17 (Sibiu): Two trams.
  12. February 17 (Targu Mures): Pictures taken this week-end.
  13. February 16 (CFR): Pictures from several people, with several locomotives new in site.
  14. February 16 (Calarasi): Buses pictured by Catalin Ghita.
  15. February 13 (Bacau): Five pictures from Valentin Balan.
  16. February 12 (CFR): Various locomotives and DMUs from Pitesti.
  17. February 12 (Pitesti): Buses which probably live their last weeks; will be replaced by the new BMC buses.
  18. February 11 (Bucharest): Pictures taken at Dorobantilor and Romana squares.
  19. February 11 (Galati): Five pictures from Terry Lawson.
  20. February 8 (Suceava): Pics taken by Andrei Birsan during December and January.
  21. February 6 (Brasov): Buses and trolleybuses pictured yesterday by Ede Pattantyus.
  22. February 6 (Galati): Three more buses.
  23. February 6 (Satu Mare): Vehicles pictured by Catalin Ghita, September 2006.
  24. February 6 (Targu Mures): The incredibly varied fleet of Siletina: Six pictures, six different bus types.
  25. February 5 (Bucharest): Trams and buses at Ghencea.
  26. February 4 (CFR): Some locomotives new in site and a new livery for Servtrans.
  27. February 4 (Buzau): Four buses.
  28. February 3 (Alba Iulia): A Turkkar bus from a newer lot.
  29. February 2 (Arad): Three Tatra trams.

January 2008

  1. January 31 (Bucharest): A V3A tram, just before its end.
  2. January 31 (Iasi): 19 trams freshly arrived from Stuttgart.
  3. January 31 (Galati): Four photos from Terry Lawson.
  4. January 29 (Bucharest): Trams at Eroii Revolutiei.
  5. January 28 (CFR): Photographs received during the month of January.
  6. January 28 (Bacau): Pictures taken during the last week,
  7. January 27 (Iasi): Three photos from Terry Lawson.
  8. January 26 (Iasi): Various vehicles pictured in the depots.
  9. January 25 (Pitesti): Buses on the road to Arpechim.
  10. January 25 (Ramnicu Valcea): Buses pictured in the ETA SA yard as well as on the streets.
  11. January 22 (Bucharest): Buses and trolleybuses on Calea Plevnei.
  12. January 21 (Bucharest): Trolleybuses at Universitate and buses on the northern lines.
  13. January 20 (Bucharest): The first Mercedes Citaro buses from the second lot.
  14. January 17 (Bucharest): Pictures at Piata Presei and Buzesti.
  15. January 10 (Bacau): Three pictures from Valenin Balan.
  16. January 8 (Galati): Four buses pictured on the Christmas Eve and another four today.
  17. January 7 (CFR): The first lot for 2008, locomotives from the Suceava/Pascani, Brasov and Mehedinti areas.
  18. January 3 (Bucharest): A snowy bus.

December 2007

  1. December 30 (Iasi): The second #7012 bus for Unistil.
  2. December 28 (CFR): Snow and locomotives at Predeal.
  3. December 24 (CFR): Two Class 47 locomotives new for the site.
  4. December 23 (Targu Mures): Three MAZ buses pictured by Tamas Haller.
  5. December 22 (CFR): Photos from Banat, Bihor and Suceava area.
  6. December 20 (Galati): Again the same DAB bus.
  7. December 19 (Suceava): Buses pictured by Andrei Birsan.
  8. December 18 (Galati): The first DAB bus.
  9. December 16 (Iasi): Trams and snow in the Dacia depot.
  10. December 14 (Buzau): Three DAC buses.
  11. December 14 (Targu Mures): Three MAZ buses.
  12. December 13 (Iasi): Two pictures from today.
  13. December 11 (CFR): Locomotives in Suceava, Campia Turzii and Targu Mures.
  14. December 10 (Iasi): Second lot of Darmstadt trams.
  15. December 4 (CFR): Some locomotives new for the site - two Class 95, the first of Class 63 and a LDE1300.
  16. December 4 (Iasi): ST10 trams during their first night in Iasi.
  17. December 1 (Ploiesti): Some pictures from Catalin Ghita.
  18. December 1 (Bacau): Buses on line 18.

November 2007

  1. November 29 (Bucharest): Trams at Eroii Revolutiei and trolleybuses at Piata Sudului.
  2. November 28 (Bucharest): Buses at Masca Theater.
  3. November 26 (Bucharest): Two Irisbus trolleybuses.
  4. November 26 (Galati): Two photos from Terry Lawson.
  5. November 23 (Bucharest): Pictures from various parts of the city.
  6. November 23 (CFR): The first identified LDH80 locomotive.
  7. November 23 (Suceava): Four buses from Andrei Birsan.
  8. November 19 (Galati): Trams pictured by Terry Lawson inside the Transurb depot.
  9. November 15 (Bucharest): Trams at Eroii Revolutiei and buses + trams at Zetarilor.
  10. November 15 (Iasi): Former RATP Paris buses in the Suceava station, in their route towards Iasi
  11. November 12 (Bucharest): Four vehicles from Catalin Ghita.
  12. November 11 (CFR): Locomotives arrived during the first third of November.
  13. November 9 (Bucharest): Buses and trams at Ghencea.
  14. November 1 (Iasi): Vehicles pictured at Tudor Vladimirescu.
  15. November 1 (Craiova): Buses and trams pictured by Catalin Ghita in the yards.

October 2007

  1. October 27 (CFR): The last lot for october, with some locomotives new in site.
  2. October 27 (Alba Iulia): Two buses (one of them new in site) in front of the railway station.
  3. October 24 (Bacau): Some buses and a van.
  4. October 24 (Suceava): Four photos from Andrei Birsan.
  5. October 24 (Tulcea): Pictures made by Catalin Ghita.
  6. October 20 (Iasi): Lots of MAZ buses and Iveco vans, as well as three of the newly-acquired Renault buses in revenue service. Thanks Tibi!
  7. October 15 (CFR): The 'Romanian Locomotives' website celebrates its first birthday! With this lot we are past two thousand locomotives.
  8. October 15 (Satu Mare): A Prestij bus.
  9. October 11 (Bucharest): Vehicles at Zetarilor.
  10. October 11 (Focsani): Fourteen buses and fourteen vans, all pictured by Catalin Ghita.
  11. October 11 (Ramnicu Sarat): The complete fleet of TUC Ramnicu Sarat.
  12. October 10 (Bucharest): Buses and trolleybuses in Drumul Taberei.
  13. October 9 (CFR): Maybe the last lot before reaching 2000 vehicles (locos and DMUs) ?
  14. October 5 (Sibiu): Vehicles pictured during the last days of the past month.
  15. October 4 (CFR): The first lot for october, with new contributers and locomotives.
  16. October 4 (Brasov): Buses and trolleybuses at Saturn, Roman, Livada Postei si Onix.
  17. October 4 (Sacele): The 8 buses which served the Brasov-Sacele route this morning.
  18. October 4 (Medias): Buses operated by BMT Trans.
  19. October 3 (Iasi): The Renault buses during the day of their arrival in Iasi.
  20. October 1 (Medias): Vehicles pictured by Catalin Ghita in the yard and on the street.

September 2007

  1. September 30 (Bacau): Some vans and DAC buses.
  2. September 30 (Buzau): Buses pictured by Mariooo.
  3. September 30 (Botosani): Trams pictured by Mariooo.
  4. September 30 (Barlad): A big variety of Unistil buses.
  5. September 30 (Focsani): Two Autosan minibuses.
  6. September 30 (Ramnicu Sarat): Four DAC buses.
  7. September 28 (Bacau): Buses pictured while changing trains en route from a trip in the Ceahlau range.
  8. September 28 (Piatra Neamt): Trolleybuses and buses pictured on the street as well as in the yard of the operator Troleibuzul.
  9. September 27 (CFR): Last lot for September.
  10. September 22 (Alba Iulia): Pictures taken on September the 14th.
  11. September 19 (CFR): Pictures from six contributers.
  12. September 19 (Arad): A GT8 tram.
  13. September 19 (Galati): Three trams from Terry Lawson.
  14. September 19 (Braila): Four trams from Terry Lawson.
  15. September 13 (CFR): Pictures from five different people.
  16. September 11 (Pitesti): Buses pictured by Catalin Ghita, in the yard and on the streets.
  17. September 8 (Bucharest): Trolleybuses at Universitate and trams back again on the line #45.
  18. September 8 (CFR): Mainly pictures from Tibi Sufitchi.
  19. September 6 (Bucharest): Tramways on line 52, trolleybuses at Piata Sudului, buses with hand-made displays on shuttle line 607.
  20. September 6 (Iasi): Some MAZ buses and trams in the depot.
  21. September 5 (CFR): Several new locomotives and DMUs.
  22. September 2 (CFR): Mainly pictures from Campia Turzii.
  23. September 2 (Botosani): Some buses and trams pictured during the middle of August.

August 2007

  1. August 31 (CFR): The last update for the month of August; we have a new uploader, Alex Rasteiu.
  2. August 30 (Deva): Six vehicles pictured by Catalin Ghita.
  3. August 30 (Drobeta-Turnu Severin): Lots of vehicles pictured by Catalin Ghita two weeks ago.
  4. August 30 (Hunedoara): Vehicles belonging to Manolache Transcom, the company that 'inherited' the activity of the former local transport company.
  5. August 30 (Sighetu Marmatiei): The only known urban bus from Sighet; a picture taken 3 years ago by Catalin Ghita.
  6. August 29 (Bucharest): Again 3 Irisbus trolleybuses, this time in the city.
  7. August 29 (CFR): Pictures from Andrei Dascalu, Tiberiu Sufitchi and Stefan Puscasu.
  8. August 29 (Ploiesti): Especially trams at the Western rail station.
  9. August 29 (Galati): Two Guleryruz buses pictured in... Iasi as well as two Tatra trams.
  10. August 27 (Bucharest): Three Irisbus trolleybuses pictured a month ago at the assembly plant in Arad.
  11. August 27 (CFR): Locomotives pictured by Catalin Ghita and Terry Lawson.
  12. August 27 (Timisoara): Some pictures from Andrei Birsan.
  13. August 27 (Arad): Buses and trams pictured by Andrei Birsan and Cosmin Portan.
  14. August 26 (Timisoara): Various vehicles pictured by Cosmin Portan from the beginning of the year until now.
  15. August 26 (Resita): Vehicles (several of them new in site) pictured by Cosmin Portan and Andrei Birsan at the beginning of the month. Thanks!
  16. August 25 (Iasi): RATP trams and Unistil buses, most of them with colorful commercials.
  17. August 25 (Bacau): Old Mercedes buses re-numbered from B-xxxxx to BC-xx-STP.
  18. August 24 (CFR): Several new locos from Attila Zsiros.
  19. August 22 (CFR): Wow! An impressing update from Western Romania; pics made by Andrei Birsan between July the 5th and August the 18th. Thanks a lot Andrei!
  20. August 13 (Bucharest): Vehicles new in site pictured by Catalin Ghita.
  21. August 13 (CFR): Pictures taken during the first half of August.
  22. August 13 (Buzau): Some buses from Cata Ghita.
  23. August 11 (CFR): Pictures (many of them new for the site) made during a one-day trip to Ploiesti.
  24. August 11 (Ploiesti): A full day dedicated to taking pictures in Ploiesti.
  25. August 8 (CFR): We have a new contributer, Sebastian Havarneanu.
  26. August 8 (Constanta): Pictures from Alex Chirila.
  27. August 8 (Piatra Neamt): Trolleybuses and buses from Tibi Sufitchi.
  28. August 6 (Bacau): Several buses as well as the first van.
  29. August 5 (CFR): We also have Via Terra locomotives in the site (thanks Attila!)
  30. August 3 (CFR): Photos made on a trip from Buzau to Faurei and Urziceni.
  31. August 2 (Bucharest): Buses at Teatrul Masca.
  32. August 1 (CFR): We have a new poster, Cerbu Enache.

July 2007

  1. July 31 (Bucharest): Pictures taken in Titan and at Sf. Gheorghe terminal.
  2. July 30 (Bucharest): Vehicles on Iuliu Maniu blvd.
  3. July 30 (CFR): Pics from two opposite sides of the country: Oradea and Constanta.
  4. July 29 (Bucharest): Trolleybuses on the short-lived line 75 as well as line 69 shortened to Piata Rosetti.
  5. July 29 (Iasi): The old Tatra tram #229, revived after 2 years
  6. July 22 (Constanta): Another double-decker bus.
  7. July 21 (Bucharest): A few buses.
  8. July 21 (CFR): Locos in Constanta, at the main station and in the yard of the repairs company EuroEst.
  9. July 20 (Constanta): Pictures taken ar the Railway Station, Poarta 2 and the tram depot.
  10. July 17 (CFR): A new lot gathered from various sources.
  11. July 10 (Bucharest): New vehicles from Catalin Ghita.
  12. July 8 (CFR): Pictures taken during two trips: One to Fetesti in order to see the progress on the works on line 800 and another to Fundulea to photo some locos there.
  13. July 8 (Fetesti): A bus not seen before on the site.
  14. July 7 (CFR): Pics gathered in the first part of July from various people.
  15. July 5 (CFR): Pictures taken during a trip to the Retezat mountains.
  16. July 5 (Iasi): Various vehicles, some with new liveries.
  17. July 5 (Targu Jiu): Pictures taken at the 9 Mai terminus.
  18. July 5 (Alba Iulia): Lots of buses and vans pictured at the railway station, during a one-hour-plus break between two trains.
  19. July 5 (Ramnicu Valcea): Vehicles on Calea lui Traian.

June 2007

  1. June 29 (CFR): Locomotives pictured during the month of June.
  2. June 29 (Bacau): Four Mercedes buses.
  3. June 28 (CFR): Four and a half hours worth' of pictures at Predeal station.
  4. June 26 (Bucharest): DAC trolleybuses are disappearing from line 97 after nearly 20 years; two-way trams on line 44; looking for line 4 at Zetarilor.
  5. June 25 (Bucharest): Trams running on the new line 25.
  6. June 25 (Suceava): Buses from Andrei Birsan and Catalin Ghita.
  7. June 22 (CFR): Pictures from the InfraTrans 2007 expo.
  8. June 17 (Bucharest): Trams on the short-lived line 57.
  9. June 16 (CFR): Pictures from Dragos (Dr2005) and Andrei Birsan.
  10. June 16 (Targoviste): A coach recently acquired by the Targoviste enterprise.
  11. June 14 (Bucharest): The last days of lines 35 and 47 to Cartier 16 Februarie as well as red-nose trams on line 8.
  12. June 11 (Bucharest): Mercedes buses by Catalin Ghita.
  13. June 11 (CFR): Pictures taken during the first part of this month; we also have a new photographer, Cristi Vladuta.
  14. June 11 (Brasov): Pictures from Catalin Ghita; please note the retired DAC buses.
  15. June 11 (Bacau): Buses on line 22.
  16. June 11 (Sacele): Some pics from Catalin Ghita.
  17. June 10 (CFR): Pictures taken during a trip to Braila and Galati.
  18. June 10 (Braila): Vehicles pictured during the morning of June the 8th.
  19. June 10 (Galati): Most of the trams running in Galati as well as some buses.
  20. June 6 (CFR): Mostly pictures taken during the first part of this month.

May 2007

  1. May 31 (CFR): The last update for the month of May; we also have a new submitter, Andrei Birsan.
  2. May 30 (Bucharest): Irisbus Citelis on line 62 too.
  3. May 30 (Pitesti): The DAC bus numbered 001.
  4. May 28 (Bucharest): Mainly buses and trolleybuses in Drumul Taberei.
  5. May 27 (Iasi): Various vehicles photographed during the last two months by Cristina Albu and Radu Czech.
  6. May 27 (Bacau): Buses pictured at the end of March.
  7. May 24 (CFR): New pictures from Dragos (Dr2005), Catalin Ghita and Attila Zsiros.
  8. May 24 (Bacau): Buses pictured the month of april.
  9. May 23 (Bucharest): Mercedes buses and van.
  10. May 23 (Suceava): Irisbus buses pictured by Andrei Birsan.
  11. May 22 (Bucharest): Some Irisbus trolleybuses from Catalin Ghita.
  12. May 22 (CFR): Pictures taken this month by various people.
  13. May 22 (Voluntari): Another two BMC buses.
  14. May 13 (Bucharest): Some Mercedes buses pictured by Catalin Ghita.
  15. May 9 (CFR): Locomotives in Timisoara.
  16. May 9 (Timisoara): A full day of taking pictures.
  17. May 8 (CFR): Pictures from the province of Moldova.
  18. May 7 (CFR): Pictures submitted by various people during the last week.
  19. May 6 (Pitesti): Some buses at the main station, pictured between two trains.
  20. May 2 (CFR): Pictures taken by Dragos (Dr2005) during March and April.
  21. May 1 (Bucharest): Flagged vehicles for May the 1st as well as various photos from Dragos (Dr2005).
  22. May 1 (CFR): Pictures from various authors, taken during the second half of April.
  23. May 1 (Cluj): New vehicles from Dragos (Dr2005).
  24. May 1 (Pitesti): A DAC bus new for the site.
  25. May 1 (Turda): Buses pictured by Dragos (Dr2005) on April 13th, 2007.

April 2007

  1. April 29 (Galati): Lots of vehicles pictured by Catalin Ghita on April 18th, 2007.
  2. April 28 (CFR): Locos pictured during a trip to Craiova and Isalnita.
  3. April 28 (Craiova): Vehicles pictured at University and near the railway station.
  4. April 26 (CFR): Some pictures from Florin Popa.
  5. April 25 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses on line 311.
  6. April 25 (Braila): Lots of pictures from Catalin Ghita.
  7. April 24 (Bucharest): Buses and trolleybuses at Basarab.
  8. April 24 (CFR): Pictures from Braila and Galati.
  9. April 23 (Bucharest): Looking for the Mercedes buses on line 168.
  10. April 21 (Bucharest): Trams on line 41 and buses/trolleybuses in Drumul Taberei.
  11. April 21 (CFR): Pictures taken by Cosmin Portan and Stefan Puscasu.
  12. April 17 (CFR): Some pictures from Catalin Ghita and Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  13. April 17 (Calarasi): Ikarus buses pictured by Catalin Ghita.
  14. April 16 (CFR): A new lot full of locos never seen so far; they were pictured by Andrei Berinde, Daniel Daraban and Tibi Sufitchi.
  15. April 15 (CFR): A trip to Miercurea Ciuc and Siculeni.
  16. April 14 (CFR): Pictures from a new author: Andrei Berinde.
  17. April 14 (Brasov): Buses and trolleybuses in the railway station area.
  18. April 14 (Miercurea Ciuc): Some buses pictured while changing trains.
  19. April 11 (Iasi): Pictures taken by Cristina Albu si Radu Czech during the last year.
  20. April 11 (Arad): Some Tatra trams.
  21. April 9 (CFR): Two trips: Mircea Blanariu went to Suceava and Tibi Sufitchi to Baneasa.
  22. April 8 (CFR): Some pics taken en route to a mountain hike.
  23. April 8 (Brasov): Some MAN buses pictured in a hurry during a Saturday evening.
  24. April 7 (CFR): Pictures taken during the first week of April.
  25. April 6 (Targoviste): Vehicles pictured by Catalin Ghita in the AITT yard.
  26. April 5 (Bucharest): The #604 shuttle plus trolleybuses at Piata Sudului.
  27. April 5 (Targoviste): Buses and vans pictured on April the 3rd.
  28. April 3 (CFR): Pics taken by various people between the end of March and the beginning of April.

March 2007

  1. March 31 (CFR): Pictures taken on a journey from Bucharest to Constanta.
  2. March 31 (Constanta): A full day dedicated to taking pictures.
  3. March 29 (Bucharest): Lots of new vehicles pictured by Catalin Ghita.
  4. March 29 (CFR): Lots of pictures from Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  5. March 27 (Bucharest): Some pictures from Catalin Ghita.
  6. March 26 (CFR): Mainly pictures taken at Predeal.
  7. March 26 (Iasi): Buses operated by Unistil.
  8. March 26 (Timisoara): Vehicules pictured by Cristina Albu and Radu Czech during Summer 2006.
  9. March 26 (Arad): Some pictures from Andrei Frangopol.
  10. March 24 (CFR): Locos pictured by Attila Zsiros on March 17th and 18th.
  11. March 24 (Arad): Pictures taken by Cristina Albu si Radu Czech during the spring of 2006.
  12. March 23 (Cluj): Pictures taken by Cristina Albu and Radu Czech during Summer 2006.
  13. March 23 (Galati): Some trams pictured by Attila Zsiros just before the New Year.
  14. March 22 (CFR): A new lot of locomotives from all over the country.
  15. March 22 (Cluj): Pictures taken by Cristina Albu and Radu Czech during Summer 2005.
  16. March 22 (Bacau): Another Mercedes bus.
  17. March 22 (Fetesti): A bus from Andrei Cohn.
  18. March 22 (Tulcea): The first pictures from Tulcea, unfortunately at 800x600 only.
  19. March 21 (CFR): New pictures from Cristian Prata, including the starlet ex-40-0628-4 currently at Magyar Maganvasut. Thanks a lot Cristian!
  20. March 20 (Bucharest): Buses and trams in the eastern suburbs.
  21. March 20 (CFR): New locomotives from Attila Zsiros.
  22. March 20 (Voluntari): Buses pictured at Republica station.
  23. March 19 (CFR): New pictures from Florin Popa, Levente Nosz and Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  24. March 18 (CFR): Pictures from our third contributor from Oradea, Istvan Doczi, plus some other pics from Daniel Daraban.
  25. March 17 (CFR): Locomotives in the Craiova station.
  26. March 17 (Brasov): Various vehicles pictured by Cristina Albu and Radu Czech during the summer of 2006.
  27. March 17 (Craiova): Buses and trams pictured during a whole day.
  28. March 15 (Constanta): Nearly all the trams and trolleybuses operated by RATC Constanta; pics taken by Cristina Albu si Radu Czech in August 2006.
  29. March 14 (Bucharest): Two pictures from Catalin Ghita.
  30. March 14 (Ploiesti): Pics taken by Cristina Albu and Radu Czech during June 2006.
  31. March 14 (Oradea): Buses and trams pictured by Cristina Albu and Radu Czech on July the 17th, 2006.
  32. March 13 (CFR): Pictures from Transsylvania and Simeria / Jiu Valley.
  33. March 13 (Arad): Some trams from Marius Petrescu.
  34. March 13 (Bacau): Buses pictued by Valentin Balan.
  35. March 12 (CFR): Locos pictured at Pitesti and Prahova valley cities.
  36. March 12 (Pitesti): Buses running on a March Saturday. Trip sponsored by sport365.ro
  37. March 11 (CFR): A new lot from Attila Zsiros, Levente Nosz si Mircea Blanariu.
  38. March 10 (CFR): Especially locos belonging to CFR Marfa.
  39. March 6 (Bucharest): Trams again at Sf. Gheorghe and Vasile Parvan.
  40. March 4 (CFR): Again lots of new locos pictured by 6 friends.
  41. March 3 (Bucharest): Service vehicles from the archive of Catalin Ghita and buses at Cutitul de Argint.

February 2007

  1. February 28 (Bucharest): Four Mercedes Citaro buses.
  2. February 28 (Alexandria): Pictures taken by Catalin Ghita on February 22th.
  3. February 27 (CFR): Locomotives pictured on February 25th and 26th in Bucharest, Ploiesti and Brasov.
  4. February 27 (Craiova): Pictures taken by Dragos (Dr2005) on February 9th, 2007.
  5. February 26 (CFR): Especially Diesel locomotives.
  6. February 26 (Brasov): Pictures taken at Saturn, Autocamioane and Livada Postei.
  7. February 26 (Ploiesti): Some vehicles pictured between two trains.
  8. February 26 (Sacele): Some buses have changed plates from HR to BV.
  9. February 25 (CFR): New pictures from Levente Nosz and Attila Zsiros. 2 x Koszonom!
  10. February 24 (CFR): A new lot made of pictures from four people.
  11. February 22 (Bucharest): Trolleybuses again, this time on the lines which pass by Gara de Nord.
  12. February 22 (CFR): Pics from three authors: Levente Nosz (taken between 2002 and 2006), Attila Zsiros (30 sep 2006) and Catalin Ghita (yesterday).
  13. February 21 (Bucharest): Looking for the new Irisbus Citelis trolleybuses.
  14. February 20 (Bucharest): Trams running on lines 7, 8 and 32.
  15. February 20 (CFR): Lots of new locos pictured by Attila Zsiros, Cristian Prata and Catalin Ghita.
  16. February 17 (CFR): 7 new pictures from three authors.
  17. February 15 (CFR): Various locomotives from Transsylvania.
  18. February 14 (CFR): Pictures taken by Attila Zsiros on December 2nd, 2006 in Craiova as well as other pics from Catalin Ghita, Florin Popa and Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  19. February 11 (CFR): Locos pictured by Attila Zsiros in Teius - December 1st, 2006.
  20. February 10 (CFR): Pictures from Attila Zsiros and Liviu Bal.
  21. February 10 (Brasov): MAN buses pictured by Catalin Ghita.
  22. February 10 (Ploiesti): Two pics from November 2006.
  23. February 10 (Buzau): Pictures taken by Catalin Ghita during 2005 and 2006.
  24. February 10 (Constanta): Pictures from Mircea Nagoda and Catalin Ghita.
  25. February 7 (CFR): Various pictures from three contributors.
  26. February 7 (Baia Mare): Pictures taken by Catalin Ghita during September 2006.
  27. February 6 (CFR): Some more locomotives from Attila.
  28. February 5 (CFR): Pictures from the personal archive of Attila Zsiros - thanks a lot!
  29. February 4 (CFR): Recent pictures from Mircea Blanariu and Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  30. February 1 (Bucharest): DAC x17 trolleybuses salvaged by Catalin Ghita from the depths of his harddrive; most of them don't exist anymore today. Thanks Catalin!

January 2007

  1. January 31 (Bucharest): Tramways in various locations and buses in Piata Unirii.
  2. January 29 (Bucharest): Some pictures from Marian Andrei and Dragos (Dr2005).
  3. January 29 (CFR): Some pictures from three authors.
  4. January 28 (CFR): Some locomotives from Mircea Blanariu, Tibi Sufitchi and Catalin Ghita.
  5. January 25 (CFR): Three more locos from two authors.
  6. January 24 (CFR): With these 3 pictures from Tibi we're past the 1000 locomotives/DMUs mark with the site.
  7. January 23 (CFR): Locos in the Fetesti and Ciulnita stations.
  8. January 23 (Fetesti): Two buses on duty this day.
  9. January 22 (Bucharest): Some pictures from Marian Andrei.
  10. January 22 (Bacau): Other three buses.
  11. January 21 (CFR): Various pictures from four contributors.
  12. January 20 (Bucharest): Vehicles pictured in the Bucuresii Noi and Titan yards.
  13. January 19 (CFR): Pictures taken in Brazi and Ploiesti Sud.
  14. January 19 (Ploiesti): Various vehicles pictured in the RATP depots as well as on the street.
  15. January 18 (CFR): A class 88 loco which keeps its old class 96 number.
  16. January 17 (CFR): Electric locomotives from the collection of Endre Barta.
  17. January 16 (CFR): Other 5 pics from Mircea Blanariu.
  18. January 15 (CFR): Five locomotives from four different people.
  19. January 14 (Bucharest): Various vehicles pictured next to the rail stations.
  20. January 14 (CFR): Locos pictured in Bucuresti and Chitila.
  21. January 13 (CFR): Pictures from Daniel Daraban - steam locomotives from the Resita open-air Museum.
  22. January 13 (Brasov): Electric vehicules pictured by Kostj Kozlov during Spring 2005. The majority of them does not exist anymore.
  23. January 13 (Constanta): Various vehicles pictured by Kostj Kozlov in May 2005.
  24. January 12 (Bucharest): Some trams.
  25. January 12 (CFR): Diesel locomotives from the collection of Endre Barta.
  26. January 11 (CFR): Two electric locos from Costin Hanganu.
  27. January 10 (CFR): Various DMUs from the collection of Endre Barta. Koszonom!
  28. January 7 (Bucharest): Lots of pictures from the personal archive of Dragos (Dr2005).
  29. January 7 (CFR): Class 80 locomotives pictured by Endre Barta.
  30. January 7 (Arad): A restored tram of type ITB 60.
  31. January 7 (Bacau): A Mercedes bus.
  32. January 4 (CFR): Pictures from Endre Barta and Razvan Lazar.
  33. January 1 (Sacele): Six buses which assured the Brasov - Sacele link in a December morning.

December 2006

  1. December 31 (Bucharest): Some pictures from Marian Andrei.
  2. December 31 (CFR): Pictures taken in Brasov and Predeal.
  3. December 31 (Brasov): The new MAN/BMC buses as well as some of the FBW trolleybuses from Bern.
  4. December 31 (Ploiesti): Some pictures from Dragos' archive.
  5. December 30 (CFR): Some pictures from Daniel Daraban.
  6. December 30 (Brasov): Pictures taken by Dragos (Dr2005) during October 2006 in the tram yard.
  7. December 23 (Bucharest): Various missing vehicles pictured by four contributors. Thanks!
  8. December 23 (CFR): Some pics from Tibi as well as some locomotives in the Videle station.
  9. December 18 (CFR): A full day in Buzau; steam powered train to Vernesti.
  10. December 17 (CFR): Steam engines pictured by Catalin Ghita one year ago in the Sibiu yard.
  11. December 16 (Bucharest): Some pictures from a sunny December.
  12. December 16 (CFR): Pictures from Bucharest and surroundings.
  13. December 16 (Iasi): It's sunny at Iasi too - MAZ buses and Iveco vans.
  14. December 16 (Buzau): Four buses pictured by Tibi Sufitchi (including one on line 115 :-) ).
  15. December 15 (CFR): Pictures from Catalin Ghita (various).
  16. December 15 (Brasov): Again pics from Ede, including 3 of the new FBW trolleybuses.
  17. December 12 (Bucharest): Other new Mercedes buses, all on line 133.
  18. December 12 (CFR): Pictures taken by Dragos during 2006.
  19. December 11 (Bucharest): Lots of Mercedes buses from Catalin Ghita.
  20. December 11 (Brasov): Some other pics from Ede.
  21. December 10 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro on line 133.
  22. December 10 (CFR): Again pictures in the Bucharest stations.
  23. December 9 (CFR): Lots of interesting pictures from Catalin Ghita. Thanks a lot Catalin!
  24. December 7 (CFR): Pictures by Catalin Ghita.
  25. December 6 (Brasov): Another trollebus line is gone: 32, the former 31 barred.
  26. December 6 (Bacau): Two former Swiss buses.
  27. December 6 (Fetesti): Buses pictured by Catalin Ghita in the yard and on the streets.
  28. December 5 (Bucharest): Again buses at Basarab.
  29. December 5 (CFR): Pictures taken today in Bucharest, Chitila and Brazi.
  30. December 5 (Brasov): Fresh pictures from Ede; we have also trolleybuses with license plates.
  31. December 4 (Iasi): Trams and two buses at Tatarasi Nord.
  32. December 4 (Brasov): Again pictures with the new vehicles, this time from Ede Pattantyus.
  33. December 2 (Brasov): Some pictures with brand-new buses taken by Alin Fagetel.
  34. December 1 (Bucharest): Vehicles with small flags due to the National Holiday.

November 2006

  1. November 30 (CFR): Some steam engines.
  2. November 29 (CFR): Especially DMUs; pictures taken in December 2005 as well as nowadays.
  3. November 28 (Iasi): Lots of trams in Podu de Piatra and Unirii Square; also license plates and some new liveries.
  4. November 28 (CFR): Again various pictures from Daniel as well as three pics taken today in Iasi.
  5. November 27 (CFR): Pictures taken in Cluj in August 2004.
  6. November 26 (CFR): A second lot of pictures from Daniel Daraban.
  7. November 25 (Bucharest): Various rarities from Mand and Cat. Thanks!
  8. November 25 (CFR): Various locomotives in the stations of Ploiesti.
  9. November 25 (Ploiesti): The result of a whole day of "bus-spotting" in Ploiesti.
  10. November 24 (CFR): Pictures from Daniel Daraban from Timis, Arad and Caras counties.
  11. November 23 (Brasov): Two FBW trolleybuses being tested.
  12. November 22 (Iasi): A repair truck from Switzerland.
  13. November 22 (CFR): Some pictures from today + one more from Summer 2001.
  14. November 19 (Brasov): Pictures taken by Silviu Sintea on Oct 22th, 2006.
  15. November 17 (CFR): Three more pictures found by Tibi on his harddrive.
  16. November 16 (Bucharest): Mainly buses at Basarab.
  17. November 16 (CFR): Pictures taken today in Bucharest Nord between 14 and 17h.
  18. November 16 (Brasov): Some pictures from Catalin Ghita.
  19. November 16 (Brasov): Pictures taken by Silviu Sintea in the RATBV yards on December 10th, 2005.
  20. November 15 (CFR): A whole day of taking pictures in the Pascani station.
  21. November 13 (CFR): Pictures taken the previous night in the Iasi station.
  22. November 12 (Iasi): MAN buses operated by Unistil on line 44.
  23. November 12 (CFR): Some pics from Iasi, including a B-DM series industrial loco.
  24. November 11 (CFR): Locomotives pictures this morning in Bucharest.
  25. November 8 (CFR): Fresh-fresh pictures coming from Iasi.
  26. November 7 (Bucharest): Mercedes buses on lines 137 and 232.
  27. November 5 (Baia Mare): Vehicles pictured by Silviu Sintea in the Transport Company yard as well as on city streets.
  28. November 5 (Satu Mare): Pictures taken by Silviu Sintea in the yard of the transport company of Satu Mare.

October 2006

  1. October 31 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses at Izvor.
  2. October 31 (CFR): An industrial locomotive in Medias and two more locos in Iasi.
  3. October 30 (CFR): Some locomotive and DMU pictured on a trip to the Piatra Craiului mountains.
  4. October 29 (CFR): Some pictures taken by Endre Barta between 2003 and 2005.
  5. October 27 (CFR): The only locomotives pictured by me so far.
  6. October 26 (Arad): Some pictures taken by Attila Zsiros at the end of September 2006.
  7. October 26 (CFR): Again some pictures from Iasi as well as some from Vatra Dornei.
  8. October 25 (CFR): Second part of Florin Vidican's archive; pictures mostly from Oradea.
  9. October 24 (CFR): Some pictures from Florin Vidican.
  10. October 23 (Bucharest): Mercedes buses on lines 136 & 336 as well as Rocar de Simon on 143 & 682.
  11. October 23 (Iasi): As Tibi said: "The last missing MAZ!"
  12. October 23 (CFR): Pictures from last 2 days.
  13. October 22 (Arad): Some trams from Marius Petrescu.
  14. October 22 (CFR): The first industrial locomotive.
  15. October 21 (CFR): Some DMUS and some pictures taken today.
  16. October 18 (CFR): The first DMU.
  17. October 17 (CFR): Another five pictures from Tiberiu's archives.
  18. October 16 (CFR): The last part of Tiberiu's personal collection.
  19. October 15 (CFR): Again pictures made by Tiberiu Sufitchi, this time between 2005 and nowadays.
  20. October 13 (Bucharest): Various pictures taken during the last week plus a vintage Scania truck.
  21. October 12 (CFR): Pictures made by Tiberiu Sufitchi between March 26th and August 24th, 2005.
  22. October 11 (CFR): Pictures made by Tiberiu Sufitchi between June 12th, 2004 and March 25th, 2005.
  23. October 6 (Resita): Some buses pictured by Mircea Cretan.
  24. October 5 (Bucharest): Again buses and trams at Zetarilor.
  25. October 5 (Pitesti): Buses pictured during a 90-minute break in the journey back from Valea lui Stan trail in the Fagaras mountains.

September 2006

  1. September 29 (Timisoara): Some trams arrived from Duesseldorf.
  2. September 29 (Brasov): Some trolleybuses pictured by Dionisie Molnar.
  3. September 27 (Bucharest): Tram line 44 reopens after a break of 18 months.
  4. September 25 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses on line 123.
  5. September 23 (Bucharest): Various diversions due to the preparations for the Summit of the French Speaking Nations.
  6. September 22 (Arad): Some pictures from Marius Petrescu.
  7. September 21 (Iasi): Various vehicles pictured by Mariooo in 2005 and 2006.
  8. September 21 (Buzau): Various buses pictured by Mariooo during Summer 2006.
  9. September 21 (Suceava): A trolleybus in the depot.
  10. September 21 (Craiova): Various vehicles pictured by Mariooo during the 2005/2006 winter.
  11. September 21 (Vaslui): Buses and trolleybuses pictured by Mariooo in September 2005.
  12. September 21 (Bacau): Two buses pictured last summer.
  13. September 19 (Bucharest): Mercedes buses on line 268.
  14. September 19 (Constanta): Various vehicles pictured by Dragos (Dr2005).
  15. September 18 (Bucharest): Various pictures taken during last few days; trolleybus #7459 is also here.
  16. September 17 (Bucharest): Vehicles pictured at the Transira meeting inside URAC and the Vatra Luminoasa, Nitu Vasile (Berceni) and Alexandria yards. A lot of thanks to our hosts in the four locations which were all very kind to us.
  17. September 12 (Bucharest): Buses at Sura Mare.
  18. September 7 (Bucharest): Pictures taken in various places, mainly by Marian Andrei.
  19. September 4 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses on line 381.
  20. September 1 (Constanta): Three trams pictured by Marian Andrei.

August 2006

  1. August 30 (Bucharest): Tatra trams on line 20 after nearly 20 years; DAC trolleybuses with license plates; two V3A trams during test runs.
  2. August 30 (Buzau): Some pics from Catalin Ghita.
  3. August 29 (Bucharest): Various pictures from different places.
  4. August 25 (Bucharest): Trams at Dristor; 4 school vehicles included also.
  5. August 24 (Bucharest): The last of the 200 Ikarus trolleybuses.
  6. August 23 (Buzau): A lonely bus.
  7. August 22 (Bucharest): Some buses from Catalin Ghita, including one of the three DAF buses missing.
  8. August 21 (Ploiesti): Some vehicles pictured by Dragos.
  9. August 14 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses on lines 104 and 312.
  10. August 12 (Brasov): Some pictures from Silviu Sintea.
  11. August 12 (Ploiesti): Two FBW trolleybuses.
  12. August 12 (Cluj): Again pics from yards, this time from Silviu Sintea.
  13. August 11 (Cluj): Lots of pictures from Dragos and Celestin (especially in yards).
  14. August 10 (Bucharest): Trams on Progresului str. nowadays as well as 3 more trams on lines 2 and 44 which don't exist anymore.
  15. August 10 (Arad): A bus and a tram.
  16. August 10 (Constanta): Some buses and trams from Cristian Ciobanu.
  17. August 9 (Bucharest): Mercedes buses pictured by Catalin Ghita.
  18. August 7 (Bucharest): At Orizont looking for Mercedes buses on line 368.
  19. August 6 (Arad): Some pictures from Heinz Heider.
  20. August 5 (Timisoara): Trolleybuses in Piata Regina Maria as well as some trams on line 4.
  21. August 5 (Arad): Some pictures from Daniel Daraban.
  22. August 5 (Targu Mures): Vehicles and vehicle remainders pictured by Dionisie Molnar in the Siletina garage.
  23. August 4 (Timisoara): Various vehicles pictured by Cosmin Portan in the yard.
  24. August 3 (Bucharest): Morning at Valea Lunga.
  25. August 2 (Bucharest): In Titan looking for DAF buses on line 101 and Citaro ones on line 335.
  26. August 2 (Brasov): Some vehicules pictured during the summer of 2005 by Laurentiu Brandusoiu.
  27. August 2 (Braila): Trams and buses pictured for 4 hours in the morning.
  28. August 2 (Galati): The result of a full day spent for photos.

July 2006

  1. July 28 (Bucharest): Mercedes buses on lines 122 and 126.
  2. July 27 (Bucharest): Interesting vehicles around Sura Mare - DAF buses on line 141, Rocar DeSimon on line 173 and two school trams.
  3. July 25 (Bucharest): DAF buses from the collection of Catalin Ghita.
  4. July 25 (Timisoara): A Wegmann tram in Bremen.
  5. July 25 (Brasov): Pictures from the personal archive of Silviu Sintea; shots taken between 2003 and 2005.
  6. July 25 (Sibiu): Three pictures from Adrian Crenganis.
  7. July 25 (Cluj): Some vehicles pictured by Silviu Sintea between 2003 and 2005.
  8. July 25 (Sacele): Two buses at the Autocamioane line end.
  9. July 20 (Bucharest): Ikarus buses from the collection of Catalin Ghita.
  10. July 20 (Arad): Some trams pictured by Marius Petrescu.
  11. July 20 (Piatra Neamt): Nearly everything regarding urban transport in Piatra Neamt. Thanks a lot, Tiberiu!
  12. July 19 (Bucharest): Pictures from the east (Fundeni Hospital) and southern terminals (CFR Progresu, Depoul Alexandria and the ill-famed Zetarilor).
  13. July 17 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses on line 301, Aviatorilor Square then some buses at Eroii Revolutiei.
  14. July 14 (Bucharest): Pictures at Leul looking for DAF buses on line 139 and some others.
  15. July 14 (Bucharest): Some Mercedes Citaro buses from Catalin Ghita.
  16. July 14 (Timisoara): Pictures from Dragos and Celestin, inside the yard and on the streets.
  17. July 14 (Arad): Pictures from Dragos and Celestin.
  18. July 14 (Brasov): Various vehicles pictured by Dragos towards the end of June 2006.
  19. July 14 (Ploiesti): Some old pictures from Catalin Ghita's archive.
  20. July 14 (Sibiu): Pictures taken by Dragos and Celestin at the Tursib yard.
  21. July 14 (Craiova): Pictures by Dragos and Celestin in the tram yard and on the streets.
  22. July 14 (Medias): Trolleybuses pictured in the yard.
  23. July 14 (Sacele): Two Saurer buses.
  24. July 14 (Targu Jiu): Three trolleybuses and three buses pictured by Dragos and Celestin.
  25. July 13 (Timisoara): Some trolleybuses and trams pictured in the Dambovita yard.
  26. July 13 (Arad): Some Arad trams.
  27. July 13 (Buzau): A DAC x17 bus.
  28. July 2 (Bucharest): The new Bucur tram #3005, Mercedes Citaro buses on their first day on route 331, some Rocar DeSimon buses in the Titan yard.
  29. July 2 (Iasi): Some pictures taken by Man and Cat some 5 years ago.
  30. July 2 (Arad): A train made of 3 Tatra T4 trams.
  31. July 2 (Craiova): Some pictures taken by Dragos on June 4th.

June 2006

  1. June 30 (Bucharest): A selection of "rarities": A DAF never seen before during early morning ni Crangasi; Ikarus #10, also never seen before; a big service truck; the Renault bus #97 ex-601 now running on line 136.
  2. June 30 (Timisoara): Some trolleybuses and trams at Parcul Doina.
  3. June 30 (Resita): Some trams and a bus pictured by Cosmin Portan.
  4. June 30 (Cluj): A lonely tram.
  5. June 30 (Braila): Tram pictures taken by Attila Zsiros on January 9th, 2006.
  6. June 30 (Zalau): Other Zalau pics, still from Attila Zsiros.
  7. June 30 (Craiova): Some trams and a bus pictured by Attila Zsiros on April 16th, 2006.
  8. June 29 (Bucharest): Some pics from Marian Andrei.
  9. June 28 (Bucharest): Trams on Calea Calarasilor and trams/trolleybuses in Piata Buzesti.
  10. June 28 (Iasi): Some pictures from Man and Cat, various 'rarities' pictured between 1998 and 2005.
  11. June 27 (Iasi): Pictures from the collection of Cristina Albu and Radu Czech taken between March 20th and June 17th.
  12. June 27 (Timisoara): A massive update from Cosmin Portan with pictures from different areas - Calea Sagului, Calea Lipovei, Complex Studentesc, Bd. Republicii, Calea Aradului and Gheorghe Doja street. Among others we have all the free Real buses as well as #84, a Rocar trolleybus unique in Timisoara.
  13. June 27 (Pitesti): Some buses pictured while going to and from a trip in Fagaras mountains.
  14. June 26 (Bucharest): Buses during early morning at Eroilor and a Mercedes Citaro just arrived from the factory.
  15. June 21 (Bucharest): The selection from Catalin Ghita's collection continues with DAC buses with rarities such as runs on lines 105 or 311, some school buses and new bus/line combinations. Also some Mercedes buses which were missing and the long-awaited Rocar DeSimon 1111.
  16. June 21 (Sibiu): A lot of trolleybuses pictured by Catalin Ghita on February 15/16th, 2006.
  17. June 19 (Bucharest): Interesting DAC buses from Catalin Ghita's collection (inventory numbers between 2016 and 2340) from November 2004 up to present time plus pictures taken today with Rocar DeSimon buses on line 615 and Mercedes Citaro's on line 313.
  18. June 18 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses during their first day on line 313 - pictures by Marian Andrei.
  19. June 18 (Oradea): The tram which used to be called #100 some days ago now it's again #44. Before it used to be #44, #37 and #33 - for a total of 5 different numbers.
  20. June 18 (Zalau): Some buses caught by Attila Zsiros in a rainy June day.
  21. June 17 (Bucharest): Some pics from the southern area (Viilor and Cutitul de Argint)
  22. June 17 (Iasi): The GT5 type tram #355 decorated with baloons and an explanation for its 50th anniversary (Happy New Year!) as well as various trams and trucks pictured in the Gara and Dacia yards.
  23. June 16 (Bucharest): Pictures taken by Andrei Caudray exactly 4 years ago, in June 2002.
  24. June 15 (Bucharest): Pics from University and Vadu Nou areas.
  25. June 12 (Bucharest): DAC buses from the archive of Catalin Ghita - lines that don't exist anymore, buses which were repainted or withdrawn; also bus/line combinations never seen before on the site.
  26. June 12 (Iasi): Some pics from Podu Ros.
  27. June 12 (Oradea): Tram 100 (former 44) on display for the Festival.
  28. June 12 (Slobozia): Buses pictured by Catalin Ghita, February 2005.
  29. June 11 (Bucharest): Some pictures with Mercedes Citaro during their first day on line 601 as well as some DAC buses at Sura Mare.
  30. June 11 (Timisoara): Lots of pictures taken by Cosmin Portan this weekend in Regina Maria Square and three more pics from last summer from Rares Petruc.
  31. June 11 (Iasi): Buses and minibuses on three tram lines this weekend as well as two missing DAC buses, pictured on May 13th, 2006 at Tudor Vladimirescu garage.
  32. June 9 (Bucharest): Pictures with buses, old and new, from Catalin Ghita.
  33. June 6 (Bucharest): Various pictures, especially from the Southern area.
  34. June 4 (Suceava): Buses (mainly Irisbus) pictured by Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  35. June 3 (Bucharest): Photos taken by Kostj Kozlov between May 4th and 8th, 2005.
  36. June 3 (Bucharest): Mercedes Citaro buses pictured by Marian Andrei during their first day during revenue service.
  37. June 3 (Bucharest): Some pictures taken while waiting for the bus at the Municipal Hospital, the morning after my daughter was born.
  38. June 3 (Braila): Pictures with Braila trams taken by Kostj Kozlov on May 3rd, 2005.
  39. June 3 (Braila): Some pictures taken on May 29th by Sergiu Onofrei.
  40. June 2 (Sibiu): Pictures taken by Cristina Albu and Radu Czech inside the Tursib yard; it was the first Transira meeting on November 26th, 2005.
  41. June 1 (Botosani): The personal archive of Cristina Albu and Radu Czech; two visits to Botosani, on July 18th, 2005 and April 5th, 2006.

May 2006

  1. May 31 (Bucharest): In Titan and at Republica.
  2. May 31 (Timisoara): Some trams pictured by Attila Zsiros on April 15th.
  3. May 29 (Timisoara): Lots of vehicles, both from the streets and from the RATT Museum.
  4. May 29 (Arad): Some shots taken by Cosmin Portan on April 20th, 2006.
  5. May 29 (Brasov): Again pictures from the trolleybuses-on-101 weekend, this time by Alin Fagetel.
  6. May 27 (Bucharest): Various pictures from Marian Andrei.
  7. May 27 (Brasov): This weekend the tram 101 was replaced by trolleybuses. Maybe it's the last time when trolleybuses will run on Bd. Saturn. Pictures by Dionisie Molnar.
  8. May 27 (Suceava): Remus Bob's picture of the 5047 trolleybus.
  9. May 26 (Bucharest): At Armeneasca.
  10. May 22 (Bucharest): 9 pictures from 4 different areas.
  11. May 22 (Ploiesti): A visit by Dragos and Celestin to the RATP yards; with this occasion some buses mainly used on special runs were added.
  12. May 21 (Piatra Neamt): Three more pictures from this weekend.
  13. May 20 (Bucharest): Various pictures from Marian Andrei.
  14. May 19 (Bucharest): Various pictures from Marian Andrei.
  15. May 19 (Iasi): Short trip out of town (Bucium area) to catch the 7 buses used by the local soccer team's supporters.
  16. May 18 (Bucharest): Various pictures from Marian Andrei.
  17. May 18 (Timisoara): Pictures from Catalin Ghita's archive; 2004 and 2005.
  18. May 18 (Brasov): Pictures taken by Catalin Ghita in 2004 and 2005.
  19. May 18 (Cluj): Pictures by Catalin Ghita taken on August 7th, 2004.
  20. May 18 (Galati): Pictures by Catalin Ghita taken on April 9th, 2005.
  21. May 18 (Targoviste): Pictures by Catalin Ghita taken on July 20th, 2005.
  22. May 18 (Constanta): Pictures by Catalin Ghita taken during spring and summer 2005.
  23. May 18 (Slatina): Pictures by Catalin Ghita taken on July 22th, 2005.
  24. May 18 (Targu Jiu): Pictures by Catalin Ghita taken on July 31st, 2005.
  25. May 17 (Buzau): Pictures by Catalin Ghita taken between summer 2005 and spring 2006.
  26. May 16 (Iasi): A visiting to the Tudor Vladimirescu Garage, Central Depot and Dacia Depot on May 13th and 14th, 2006; pictures by Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  27. May 16 (Resita): The result of Catalin Ghita's visit to Resita on March 25th, 2006. They're the first pictures contributed by Catalin on these sites.
  28. May 15 (Bucharest): A rare picture with one of the two GPL buses.
  29. May 15 (Resita): Two trams by Barta Endre, June 2005.
  30. May 14 (Bucharest): Two buses from Dragos.
  31. May 14 (Timisoara): Two trolleybuses by Barta Endre, June 2005.
  32. May 13 (Bucharest): Some pictures around Calea Plevnei.
  33. May 13 (Sibiu): Some pictures by Silviu Sintea and Ivo Dostal, 2003 to 2005.
  34. May 13 (Miercurea Ciuc): Buses pictured by Dionisie Molnar.
  35. May 12 (Bucharest): Piata Victoriei, Tei and one hour watching the URAC gates.
  36. May 11 (Bucharest): Pictures with Iveco buses from Dragos.
  37. May 10 (Bucharest): At Piata Unirii for the new Iveco buses.
  38. May 9 (Bucharest): At Doamna Ghica and on Colentina Road.
  39. May 8 (Timisoara): Trolleybuses pictured by Cosmin Portan.
  40. May 8 (Arad): Pictures taken by Daniel Daraban in December 2005 and January 2006.
  41. May 7 (Iasi): Tatra Trams; pictures by Adrian Crenganis.
  42. May 7 (Arad): Photos from Marius Petrescu.
  43. May 6 (Timisoara): Pictures by Daniel Daraban during late December 2005.
  44. May 6 (Resita): Some pictures taken on January 3rd, 2006 by Daniel Daraban.
  45. May 6 (Vaslui): Some pictures by Tiberiu Sufitchi - June 8th, 2005.
  46. May 6 (Galati): Some trams from Sergiu Onofrei.
  47. May 6 (Vaslui): A visit by Cristina Albu and Radu Czech to Vaslui; September 13th, 2005.
  48. May 5 (Bucharest): Sunset in Cismigiu.
  49. May 5 (Iasi): At Rond Dacia.
  50. May 5 (Timisoara): Buses on lines 33, 43 and E1.
  51. May 4 (Iasi): Podu Ros, Canta, Rond Dacia, Tatarasi Nord.
  52. May 4 (Timisoara): The result of some hours spent by Cosmin Portan waiting for buses and trolleybuses.
  53. May 4 (Arad): Photos from Marius Petrescu.
  54. May 4 (Bacau): Some buses caught by Adrian Crenganis.
  55. May 3 (Medias): Some pictures made by me in an hour between two trains in the station area.
  56. May 3 (Sacele): Two buses pictured by me, unfortunately against the sun.
  57. May 3 (Sibiu): The result of my field trip for pictures to Sibiu.
  58. May 2 (Bucharest): Various pictures, including vehicles with flags for May the 1st.
  59. May 2 (Brasov): After three months I'm back to Brasov for a new full day of pictures.
  60. May 1 (Timisoara): Trams and trolleybuses caught by Nemeth Zoltan Adam on August the 16th, 2003.
  61. May 1 (Arad): A visit by Nemeth Zoltan Adam in Arad, 15/16th August 2003.
  62. May 1 (Cluj): Pictures taken by Attila Zsiros on August 27th, 2004.
  63. May 1 (Baia Mare): Some trolleybuses pictured by Nemeth Zoltan Adam on August 26th 2004.
  64. May 1 (Medias): Pictures shot by Nemeth Zoltan Adam in August 2004.
  65. May 1 (Resita): GT8 trams pictured by Nemeth Zoltan Adam on August 28th, 2004.
  66. May 1 (Sacele): Pictures by Dragos taken on February 7th, 9th and 11th, 2006.
  67. May 1 (Satu Mare): A trolleybus pictured by Nemeth Zoltan Adam on August 26th 2004.
  68. May 1 (Sibiu): Some pictures from Nemeth Zoltan Adam's visit, August 28th, 2004.

April 2006

  1. April 30 (Bucharest): Presei Square, Crangasi, Drumul Taberei.
  2. April 30 (Iasi): Some pictures from Targu Cucu.
  3. April 29 (Iasi): Historic tram on Easter Day and night shots of a broken-down bus. Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  4. April 29 (Timisoara): Buses and trolleybuses.
  5. April 29 (Arad): A second lot of photos from Marius Petrescu.
  6. April 28 (Bucharest): Pictures from various city areas, including a trolleybus pictured over the fence of Bujoreni yard.
  7. April 28 (Timisoara): Articulated buses on line 9 as well as Merceded buses on 33, 43 and E1.
  8. April 27 (Bucharest): Went to Baneasa in order to get the coins I've got from Tiberiu Sufitchi (thanks!)
  9. April 27 (Suceava): Cosmin Romega's pictures of the 5047 trolleybus.
  10. April 25 (Bucharest): Dristor and Titan.
  11. April 25 (Ploiesti): Some buses pictured by Dragos on April 25th.
  12. April 24 (Bucharest): Early morning, two suburban buses shot while going to the Ciucas Mountains.
  13. April 24 (Piatra Neamt): Tiberiu Sufitchi's collection of pictures; they're made in summer 2005 and april 2006 respectively.
  14. April 22 (Bucharest): Again some shots from Militari.
  15. April 22 (Arad): Some tram photos from Marius Petrescu.
  16. April 22 (Suceava): The personal foto archive of Cristina Albu and Radu Czech; pictures from 2005 up to the arrival of the Irisbus buses.
  17. April 21 (Bucharest): At Gara Basarab.
  18. April 19 (Iasi): Pictures taken by Tiberiu Sufitchi around the Industrial Zone.
  19. April 19 (Targoviste): Pictures by Dragos taken on March 11th, 2006.
  20. April 18 (Pitesti): The results of a field trip to Pitesti; buses on the street plus some buses from the yard, pictured thru the kindness of the director of the local Public Transport enterprise.
  21. April 17 (Iasi): New bus route 30b. Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  22. April 16 (Bucharest): Militari and Colentina.
  23. April 16 (Iasi): Various pictures from the first half of April 2006; Cristina Albu and Radu Czech.
  24. April 14 (Bucharest): A few pictures in Militari.
  25. April 14 (Timisoara): Five buses.
  26. April 13 (Bucharest): Presei and Romana Squares.
  27. April 12 (Iasi): Podu Ros.
  28. April 12 (Ploiesti): Further pictures by Dragos and Celestin.
  29. April 11 (Bucharest): In Ferentari (Vadul Nou) and on the line of tram 32.
  30. April 11 (Iasi): Some pictures from Adrian Crenganis.
  31. April 11 (Arad): A model of a Tatra tram.
  32. April 10 (Bucharest): At Eroilor.
  33. April 10 (Timisoara): Some Hansa trams.
  34. April 9 (Bucharest): Buses from Dragos.
  35. April 9 (Iasi): Some pictures from Adrian Crenganis.
  36. April 8 (Bucharest): At Gara de Nord for shuttle buses on 679; trolleybus 79 runs on an alternate route thru Universitate.
  37. April 7 (Bucharest): Various vehicles missing from the site, pictured by Dragos.
  38. April 5 (Bucharest): Granitul, RATB Titan and works on line 27.
  39. April 3 (Bucharest): La Sura Mare.
  40. April 2 (Bucharest): This Sunday there was some engineering work on the line of tram 41 so there were buses on line 641.
  41. April 2 (Timisoara): Buses and trolleybuses.
  42. April 1 (Timisoara): The Elephants' Cemetery from the RATT yards.
  43. April 1 (Ploiesti): Some pictures made during the evening and night by Attila Zsiros.
  44. April 1 (Cluj): Pictures by Attila Zsiros taken during June 2005.

March 2006

  1. March 31 (Ploiesti): Various pictures by Dragos and Celestin.
  2. March 30 (Bucharest): At Clabucet and at Presei Square.
  3. March 30 (Timisoara): A Timis tram pictured by my sister, summer 2005.
  4. March 30 (Ploiesti): Various pictures by Dragos and Celestin.
  5. March 29 (Iasi): Pictures taken by Tiberiu Sufitchi in Podu Ros and Targu Cucu.
  6. March 29 (Timisoara): A locomotive in the yard.
  7. March 29 (Arad): Pictures by Silviu Sintea taken in the Ghioroc yard.
  8. March 28 (Iasi): Some pictures taken en route to the University, again in Podu Ros.
  9. March 27 (Bucharest): A few pictures from Titan.
  10. March 27 (Iasi): Again in Podu Ros and again Tiberiu.
  11. March 27 (Iasi): Second part of the personal archive of Cristina Albu and Radu Czech; GT4 type trams pictured in 2005 and 2006.
  12. March 27 (Arad): Again fresh photos from Attila.
  13. March 27 (Ploiesti): This day I went to Ploiesti for some hours especially for taking pictures.
  14. March 26 (Timisoara): Some buses again.
  15. March 26 (Iasi): Buses, minibuses and trams in Podu Ros; pictures taken by Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  16. March 26 (Iasi): Buses and some trans pictured by Cristina Albu and Radu Czech between March 22th and 26th.
  17. March 24 (Bucharest): At Piata Presei, again searching for suburban lines.
  18. March 23 (Bucharest): At Ghencea terminal for the last missing trams on route 41 plus the freshly resumed suburban lines.
  19. March 23 (Arad): A full day taking photos - Attila Zsiros.
  20. March 22 (Bucharest): Granitul, Republica, Pta. Romana, Perla.
  21. March 22 (Oradea): Further trams and buses from Attila.
  22. March 22 (Arad): A second lot of pictures taken by Attila in 2005.
  23. March 21 (Iasi): The personal archive of Cristina Albu and Radu Czech; various pictures from 2005 and 2006.
  24. March 21 (Iasi): A few trams from 2001 and 2005.
  25. March 21 (Arad): A few trams pictured by Cosmin Portan in February 2006.
  26. March 20 (Bucharest): On Unirii Boulevard and at Sudului Square - first day for suburban routes.
  27. March 20 (Iasi): Buses, minibuses and a tram in Eminescu Square (Fundatie) by Tiberiu Sufitchi.
  28. March 20 (Arad): First pictures contributed by Attila Zsiros; they span the period from fall 2004 up to February 2006.
  29. March 19 (Bucharest): In Titan and at Romana Square.
  30. March 19 (Timisoara): Mercedes buses and some trams.
  31. March 13 (Bucharest): At Piata Presei.
  32. March 12 (Brasov): A few shots taken by Tiberiu Sufitchi on February 23rd.
  33. March 12 (Iasi): First pictures on the Iasi website, taken by Tiberiu Sufitchi between January 2005 and February 2006.
  34. March 11 (Timisoara): Some buses.
  35. March 10 (Bucharest): At Perla and in the southern neighbourhoods (Zetarilor, Obregia, Luica).
  36. March 10 (Bucharest): Pics from Dragos' archive with vehicles missing from the site. The only time when I accepted signed pictures.
  37. March 8 (Bucharest): At Gara Basarab.
  38. March 6 (Timisoara): Some trolleybuses.
  39. March 4 (Bucharest): Unirii Square and Rahovei Road.
  40. March 4 (Oradea): Trams both from nowadays and 2004.
  41. March 3 (Bucharest): Again for the Nth time... at Razoare.
  42. March 1 (Bucharest): In Ghencea.

February 2006

  1. February 28 (Bucharest): The only pictures really with winter conditions from this... winter.
  2. February 28 (Bucharest): Pics from Dragos, mainly DAC buses.
  3. February 28 (Brasov): Pictures taken by Dragos in 4 different days between February 5th and 11th.
  4. February 27 (Bucharest): Pictures from 4 different days, mainly from Tei area and Colentina.
  5. February 27 (Oradea): Also pictures by Attila Zsiros; this time from today.
  6. February 26 (Oradea): Personal archive of Attila Zsiros; pictures from 2004 and 2005.
  7. February 22 (Bucharest): In Titan and at Republica.
  8. February 21 (Bucharest): Again at Razoare.
  9. February 19 (Bucharest): In Titan.
  10. February 19 (Timisoara): Other pictures from Cosmin.
  11. February 18 (Bucharest): Sudului Square and Oltenitei Road.
  12. February 15 (Bucharest): Pictures at Clabucet.
  13. February 14 (Bucharest): At Maior Coravu.
  14. February 13 (Bucharest): At Perla.
  15. February 10 (Timisoara): Other pictures from Cosmin; we have also the first trolleybuses.
  16. February 9 (Bucharest): Some pictures at Piata Unirii.
  17. February 9 (Brasov): Shots taken by Alin Fagetel on February the 6th and 9th.
  18. February 8 (Brasov): Second out of two full days of pictures; then I believed that the tram would be dismantled on March the 1st, 2006.
  19. February 7 (Bucharest): At Eroilor.
  20. February 4 (Timisoara): Other pictures from Cosmin.
  21. February 3 (Brasov): First out of two full days of pictures; then I believed that the tram would be dismantled on March the 1st, 2006.
  22. February 2 (Bucharest): Viilor and Calea Rahovei.
  23. February 1 (Bucharest): At Razoare with the occasion of Tatra trams being solo on lines 47 and 48.

January 2006

  1. January 31 (Bucharest): Maior Coravu and Sura Mare.
  2. January 31 (Brasov): First pictures for Brasov; shots taken by Alin Fagetel in 2005.
  3. January 30 (Bucharest): Again in Titan and at Republica (endstation of 103).
  4. January 29 (Bucharest): Pics by Dragos taken on January 27th.
  5. January 29 (Timisoara): First photos from Timisoara, taken by Cosmin Portan this day; the site for Timisoara is born.
  6. January 27 (Bucharest): Trams at Sf. Gheorghe plus some trolleybuses at Universitate.
  7. January 26 (Bucharest): Again at Baneasa.
  8. January 25 (Bucharest): At Bucur Obor.
  9. January 25 (Bucharest): Pics by Dragos taken between January 14th and 25th.
  10. January 23 (Bucharest): At Eroilor.
  11. January 22 (Bucharest): Pics from various places from the city.
  12. January 19 (Bucharest): Trip to Baneasa for lines 205, 261, 304.
  13. January 18 (Bucharest): Bucurestii Noi, Clabucet, Dristor.
  14. January 16 (Bucharest): At Eroilor and Sura Mare.
  15. January 15 (Bucharest): Various pictures taken between January 10th to 15th.
  16. January 9 (Bucharest): At Basarab station and in Regie.
  17. January 8 (Bucharest): Some pictures taken during my trips on that day.
  18. January 6 (Bucharest): In Tei and in Regie.
  19. January 3 (Bucharest): Still at Gorjului.
  20. January 1 (Bucharest): The new year starts with two pictures at Gorjului.

December 2005

  1. December 31 (Bucharest): On the New Year's Eve: Sudului Square, Sura Mare.
  2. December 29 (Bucharest): Dristor, Titan, Viilor Street.
  3. December 28 (Bucharest): Two pictures on Maniu Boulevard.
  4. December 27 (Bucharest): At Gara de Nord.
  5. December 26 (Bucharest): At Sf. Gheorghe waiting for the Special Holiday Tram as well as in the front of my in-laws house on Viilor Street.
  6. December 23 (Bucharest): At Ghencea terminal and in Drumul Taberei.
  7. December 22 (Bucharest): Again at Nord station.
  8. December 21 (Bucharest): Nord and Basarab stations, Leul statue.
  9. December 20 (Bucharest): Sf. Gheorghe, Piata Sudului, Obregia, Universtiate.
  10. December 19 (Bucharest): At Razoare and Leul statue.
  11. December 17 (Bucharest): In my neighborhood - Gorjului.
  12. December 16 (Bucharest): Unirii Square and at Sfantu Gheorghe.
  13. December 15 (Bucharest): At Matache square and Basarab station.
  14. December 13 (Bucharest): In Titan, at Dristor, at Universitate.
  15. December 12 (Bucharest): At Razoare; some pictures are too dark.
  16. December 11 (Bucharest): Pictures from various zones.
  17. December 3 (Bucharest): Ghencea Terminal, Drumul Taberei, Leul statue.
  18. December 1 (Bucharest): Some vehicles with flags - it's the National Day.

November 2005

  1. November 30 (Bucharest): At Universitatii Square and at Perla.
  2. November 29 (Bucharest): Piata Matache, Vasile Parvan, Piata Sudului.
  3. November 28 (Bucharest): Romana Square and in Titan.
  4. November 26 (Bucharest): Again at the OMV shop on Calarasilor but also at Unirii and Presei Squares, as well as at Perla.
  5. November 25 (Bucharest): Again at Military Academy but also at Leul Statue and in Regie.
  6. November 23 (Bucharest): Pictures taken at Military Academy.
  7. November 22 (Bucharest): Dristor, Piata Muncii, Sura Mare.
  8. November 21 (Bucharest): Pics taken at Universitate and at the OMV petrol shop on Calea Calarasilor.
  9. November 20 (Bucharest): First day out especially for pictures: Apaca and Plevnei Road.
  10. November 18 (Bucharest): The first pictures taken by me for the site, on November 17th and 18th, 2005: Plaza Romania, trams and buses in Tei, trolleybuses and buses at Gorjului.